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Jack couldn’t help airing his grievance out loud for once.

“Of course we got this arena this round instead of the next one. You know, when Ayessel and Lumi would have been awesome at it. And we still can’t use Dig.” Dory and Portent game him a mildly offended look.

“Sorry, but you two aren’t the most agile when it comes to multi-level terrain. You know that. If this were a cliff face, I wouldn’t worry about you Portent. You’re nimble enough to jump from perch to perch without trouble. But these huge gaps…”

He trailed off as he surveyed the battlefield again. He had some ideas, but they’d only really work if his Pokémon stuck together. This arena and the challenges of a double battle were going to make that difficult. Movement at the far end drew his attention to his just arriving opponent.

I’ve got to stop showing up so early. They’re going to think I’m eager for this kind of fight.

Jack realized his opponent had been speaking to him. She was still speaking!

“Ah, crap. Dory, give me a hand please.” The Poliwrath stepped to Jack’s side and took hold of his arm. Using the Morse code they’d learned together, Dory tapped what he’d heard onto Jack’s wrist. Most of her words seemed to be an introduction (Dory had tapped her name as ‘Ackey,’ but Jack wasn’t sure that was right), but she was also complimenting him for winning all his matches?

Why would you compliment someone on these rounds of murder? Unless maybe she’s wary about fighting someone who hasn’t lost yet? And here I am talking to myself again while she waits for an answer. He nervously answered and Ayessel repeated in greater volume.

“We’ve gotten lucky. Good luck to you.”

As Jack realized how that might sound, he felt a spasm run through the Chatot on his shoulder. He turned his head to find Ayessel coughing into a wing.

“You okay? Using your voice so much last battle didn’t strain you, did it?” Ayessel waved him off, insisting he was fine. He pointed out instead that their opponent had let her Pokémon out and they’d already taken advantageous positions. A quiet oath under his breath and he started giving orders.

“Portent, I want you after that Froslass as soon as possible. Dory help her out with a boost. Then chase after the Lopunny.”

Dory moved first, leaping to the platform directly in front of them. He turned and laced his hands together to hurl the following Absol up two levels of platforms to where the Froslass was waiting. Portent charged at the Ghost-type with her horn aglow with darkness, only to be met by a slim arc of electricity.

Jack could see the yellow wave spark along the Absol’s fur, stopping the Disaster Pokémon in her tracks. She grit her teeth against the paralysis and the purple glow of Future Sight surrounded her body.

Better late than never, Portent. I probably screwed her up by telling her to immediately charge instead of summoning Future Sight to see her path.

Dory had closed with the Lopunny and they were trading blows. An Ice Punch left frost in the Lopunny’s fur. He would retaliate with rapid firing Drain Punch and pushing Dory back with Shadow Ball. Every time he got his space, tiny stars or sparks or something would shoot out of his fur. Dory’s next hit seemed to do less damage.

“Dory, he’s increased his defenses. Don’t stay too close! Use Circle Throw to toss him off the platform!” A spasm from Ayessel signaled another coughing fit. Dory looked back at Jack, a questioning look on his face. The Lopunny took the opening and pummeled Dory with a critically powerful Drain Punch. Dory was knocked over the edge of his platform, managing to grab the lip before falling.

Oh no! They can’t hear my orders! The wind from the fans is too loud and Ayessel isn’t up to his usual volume.

When the Lopunny drew close to deal another blow, Jack cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted as loud as he could.

“When the hit comes, grab and throw him down!”

Jack would have missed what happened next if he weren’t so focused on the small details at the time. Dory flashed a thumbs-up with his free hand, signaling he’d heard Jack. He then let go of the platform and used that hand to grab the oncoming Drain Punch. In an instant Dory had used the Lopunny’s momentum to drag it down and pull himself up. The surprised Lopunny crashed into the bottom of the tank where he was thrown, too stunned to recover in time.

Jack had watched the Rabbit Pokémon tumble all the way down. It took Ayessel’s wing for Jack to reorient on Dory climbing to the fourth platform layer to help Portent with her ghost problem. The Froslass was focused on the still paralyzed Absol and didn’t notice Dory climb quietly up behind her. Portent had managed to dodge most of the Shadow Balls sent her way, but several had hit the mark. Now her Future Sight aura finally faded and a blast of purple light erupted from a point above the Froslass. It was much slower than it should have been, however. The Snow Land Pokémon dodged the Psychic move, only to float within Dory’s range.

“Waterfall, Dory!” The Froslass spun around in surprise at the shout, far too late to block or dodge the attack. A torrent of water followed Dory’s uppercut, knocking the Ice-type back.

“Portent! Follow with Night Slash!”

The Dark-type move was devastating. The Froslass ran. Two opponents at once were too many. Dory was quick to follow her up to the highest level. Portent tried to pursue as well, but a jolt of electricity stopped her from jumping. She fell back to the platform, struggling.

The Lopunny made his return, leaping onto Portent’s platform. Instead of attacking her though, he smirked at her and made to follow the other two Pokémon. Jack saw Portent bark several times and the Lopunny’s ear twitched. She snarled again and Future Sight began again as her opponent turned to face her.

She’s goading him into fighting her so they can’t gang up on Dory! But it looks like he’s going to ignore her. Maybe with a little antagonizing from me…

The Lopunny had turned his back on Portent, but Jack’s voice whipped his head around as Portent continued her own tirade.

“Pretty sad if you think even a paralyzed, wounded Absol is too much for you to handle! You must find Caterpie intimidating! If an immobile opponent frightens you too much, shall I find her a blindfold?”

It was too much for the irritated Lopunny, he dashed at Portent. She was ready for him. Between Detects and the Future Sight still on her, she managed to dodge the first few hits. Then the paralysis struck again, and his next hit knocked her back to the edge of the platform. A Shadow Ball started forming in the rabbit’s hands.

Unconcerned about an ineffective assault, Jack checked in on Dory’s fight. The Froslass seemed to be intimidated by the confident Poliwrath, even though he could only use Waterfall. When Blizzard was less than useful at deterring him, she tried to run again, but found there wasn’t anywhere to go. Dory pursued relentlessly.

He seems to have that under control. What about Por –

Jack jumped back as the Absol’s body slammed into the ground before him.

“Portent!” He tried to go to her, but she stirred before he reached her. Jack looked up to see a smug face peering at them from two stories up. The Lopunny hopped down after his opponent, keen to finish what he’d started. Portent rose slowly to meet him.

Drain Punch began the exchange, dodged with Detect. Night Slash answered, and though it was slow, hit solidly. He jumped back, a paw to his wound. On the far side of the field, a light began to shine. A similar light seemed to gather around the Lopunny before them. But then the halo of Future Sight vanished from Portent’s form.

Just over Jack’s shoulder burst a purple radiance, slamming into the Lopunny’s continuously brightening form. He was violently shoved into the pit, his luminescence going with him.

Jack and Portent stepped to the edge of the pit. They could only see the Normal-type’s silhouette now. They watched it right itself midair and rebound from the floor of the basin. The light became blinding as the figure passed the first layer of platforms without landing to jump again. They were forced to cover their eyes or avert their heads from the light.

When it faded, the Lopunny (was it even a Lopunny anymore?) stood defiantly on a platform on their level. His ears were slimmer and longer, less fluffy. The fur on his legs and upper torso had blackened. Now he hopped from foot to foot, as if he had simply too much energy to stand still.

Did he just evolve? I didn’t know Lopunny had another evolution. And I thought he was trouble before. Jack glanced up and saw that Dory had ceased his battle to investigate the light as well.

“Dory, ignore the Froslass and get down here! I want you both to focus on him.” But the newly-evolved Pokémon was already leaping for Portent, a Drain Punch readied.

He’s even faster now!

She managed to Detect the attack and dodge back out to the platform. The Lopunny pivoted and gave Jack an obvious ‘What do you think of me now?’ look before jumping after her again.

Fortunately, his gloating meant that Dory had time to interrupt him. As he moved across the gap, a deluge of water with the Poliwrath at its center collided with him. Dory normally used it as an uppercut, but by drawing the water around him and leaping down at an opponent, he could truly emulate a Waterfall.

The pair of them smacked into a first layer platform and bouncing apart. Portent dropped down on the other side of the Lopunny as he rose. Jack’s Pokémon circled him cautiously, not sure what he might capable of.

Do we even stand a chance anymore?

A glow of color signaled another Future Sight, and the real battle commenced.
NOCT2 R4 Vs. Aki
Jack faces off against Aki and her Pokemon, Agi the Lopunny and Bufu the Froslass. They belong to :iconjaquan1:. Hopefully I got them right.
Jack has no idea Mega evolution is a thing, how will he combat this new threat?

For :iconnuzlocke-challenge:'s NOCT2.…
Sylvia’s first reaction to finding out their opponent was a grass-type was to use the word ‘crap’ a lot. Then she realized it was just a Budew. Her fear diminished only slightly. Here was Dylan’s one type disadvantage, and Sylvia was terrified.

She nearly backed out of her promise to Dylan, but had no choice when he walked onto the sand before she could say anything. Dylan still had bandages wrapped tightly around his arms and Sylvia was grateful for it. The grains of sand would have aggravated his wounds and made it difficult to fight.

He stood proudly now, his reluctance to fight from the first battle gone, even bellowing a challenge at the diminutive plant. Sylvia had never seen him like this. Their shared mortality must have awoken his spirit. She’d have to focus and share his new serious nature.

“Dylan, let’s try to end this quickly. Ice Punch!”

“Sunny Day!” came the command from the opposite end of the field. Both trainer and Pokémon froze, Dylan’s charge interrupted. Sylvia gave the only order that came to her mind.


Easier exclaimed than done, but Dylan was able to dive behind a slightly larger dune before a massive beam of solar energy blasted his previous position. Sand scattered everywhere, giving the Swampert time to duck behind a different dune without being seen.

Oh Arceus, what do we do now? No way he can close the distance needed for Ice Punch if a Solar Beam is going to be ready to fry him. She looked desperately for a way out of this and wishing loudly to herself that Dylan’s blue and orange colors didn’t stand out so well against the sand. Their enemies came up with a plan first.

“Flush him out! Use a wide Dazzling Gleam!” The Budew formed a blinding ball of light and floated it into the air above the battlefield. It shattered into shards of light that rained down upon the sand, and Dylan’s hiding place, causing the Swampert to cry out in pain.

“There! Solar Beam!” Kishi pointed and all Sylvia could do was command Dylan to run. The beam quickly blasted through the dune, missing Dylan by inches, but then swept upward.

“Wha – “

Dylan was moving as fast as he could, so Sylvia took a moment to focus on the Bud Pokémon as he launched another Solar Beam, narrowly missing again. There! He’s able to summon powerful attacks, but he’s too small to hold the recoil very well. That might be our way in if we can get close.

The Budew’s next Solar Beam was better aimed, burning a large divot into Dylan’s tail fin. He bellowed in pain, but managed to keep going. For the Budew, however, the force was too much this time. He tipped over backwards and was not quick to right himself.
“Dylan, while it’s down use Bulldoze to slow it down!” The Mud Fish Pokémon turned and slammed his forearms into the sand, creating a shockwave that sent his opponent tumbling. Somehow he managed to use his momentum to right himself. But Sylvia and Dylan could use momentum too.

“Do it again!” Another shockwave pushed the plant back, and another, keeping him off balance enough he couldn’t aim another Solar Beam. It wasn’t enough damage though, the Budew took the ground type hits well. Kishi ordered Miru to jump as high as he could.

“Use Extrasensory!” A blue light enveloped the green Pokémon and Dylan began screaming in pain. He clutched at his sides as if they were trying to burst open. Dylan tried to use Bulldoze to interrupt the attack when the Budew landed, but he jumped high again. Miru kept the pressure on, even though Sylvia couldn't see a direct connection.

“Sylvia, help! It feels like my insides are being eroded! Everywhere the poison from that Crobat went is on fire! It hurts so much!” But there was nothing she could do but watch as the still midair Budew spat out another Solar Beam…only for it to miss entirely. With not even sand to brace against the little Pokémon was sent spinning by the force of the attack’s recoil. Sylvia turned back to her friend.

“Dylan, I’m sorry, but I need you to move, now! Hit him with an Ice Punch before he lands!”

With a grunt of effort and pain, Dylan pushed forward, trying to track his opponent’s trajectory. The sand tried to pull him down, hold him back, but he struggled forward. Kishi, confident Miru would land first, was giving an order. Sylvia had her hands clasped tight, hoping fervently he could make it, willing herself to believe he could.

Dylan allowed both of his fists to rime with frost. Whatever happened next, Dylan was sure it would end this fight.
NOCT2 S2 - Sylvia/Dylan vs Kishi/Miru
Hard to draw out a battle when you're at such a disadvantage. Let's hope Sylvia and Dylan can get it over quickly!
Kishi and Miru belong to :icondragnia:

For the Side Contest of :iconnuzlocke-challenge:'s NOCT2.

Jack really wished someone had figured out the automated cameras. His nerves were nearly shot and he couldn’t see or hear anything. The latter was normal, of course, but the former was pushing him to his limits. He was almost ready to plunge into the trees himself. He’d paced a small groove in the fine gravel beneath his feet. The last ten minutes were excruciating.

Maybe I should go in. I know I’d be putting myself at risk, but what good am I out here? What use am I?

Just as he was about to join his Pokémon, a tiny tremor ran through the ground. The trees were shrinking! The battle was over!

But…where are they? They haven’t come out yet! Did I lose both of them? I’m so useless I can’t even help them fight for their own lives

Despair had nearly overcome him when he saw them. Against the background of the shrinking trees they exited the forest. Ayessel rode on Aegis’s shell, just as they’d started the match. They were covered in dirt and scuff marks, some of Ayessel’s feathers were singed, but they were alive!

Jack sprinted forward to barrel into them, nearly knocking the normally oh-so-sturdy Blastoise off his feet. He hugged them ferociously. Both at once, and then a tight hug for each separately.

By this point only the tallest branches still stuck from the ground. Jack could see over Aegis’s shoulder as his opponent faded into the stadium tunnel. No Pokémon were left on the field, and only a rapidly vanishing stain on the ground was left of the conflict.

An hour later found Jack once again in his empty hallway. All of his Pokémon were out of their Pokéballs, enjoying numerous burgers. Jack had happened upon the cafeteria after his match. Apparently it was where most of the other trainers were getting their food. Jack had been feeding himself and his Pokémon from his own dwindling food supply, mostly granola.

He’d approached the counter and been greeted by a blue-haired young man who’d offered him a burger. Jack briefly wondered why this trainer would feed his opponents, but dropped that line of thought when the smell hit his nose. He explained his deafness as the reason he hadn’t known about this and could he have about twenty burgers for his Pokémon. Luka, Jack later found his name to be, opened his mouth, closed it, and then, “Sure.”

Jack sat at one of the tables, quietly aware of the other people there. Jack recognized a few of them, having watched a few of the other fights. Some were looking at him funny. Jack felt the urge to shrink in his seat, and he gave into that urge. He slouched so far over Ayessel was dislodged from his shoulder to the table in front of them. Despite his discomfort, Jack couldn’t help sneaking looks at the others in the room. Most sat at tables together, chatting amicably. Some were even holding hands!

Are these people making friends and relationships while we kill each others’ Pokémon?

A sigh of longing escaped his lips and several people turned to look at him. Jack blushed furiously, hid his head in his arms, and didn’t come out again until Ayessel whapped him to point out Luka with two stuffed bags.

He thanked the trainer profusely and apologized to the room in general for being loud. He left so quickly he hardly had time to shout an apology to the girl with short black hair and bandaged arms he bumped into on his way out.

Now he was wishing he’d stayed. Jack finished a last bite of burger and looked over at his team.

“I wish I could make friends.” Ayessel looked up from his own meal and shuffled guiltily.

“No, no. Even without your ‘help,’ I think I’d still have trouble. I didn’t realize I was that bad, but I nearly had a panic attack back there. I wonder if I even can make human friends.”

Ayessel shuffled over and nuzzled Jack’s hand reassuringly, smearing burger grease in the process. He hopped back and began flapping his wings in an odd manner. It took Jack a moment to realize Ayessel was trying to use semaphore. Jack made him stop so he could dig out the beat up manual on the flag language. He had to look up each letter and get confirmation, but finally realized the Chatot was asking how he could help. Jack smiled gently.

“If you could go easy on the death glares you give people talking to me, I promise I’ll try harder to make friends if we get out of this disaster. Deal?”

He stuck his hand out and Ayessel eagerly filled it with his wing.

Now I just need to make sure we get out of this disaster.
NOCT2 R3 Extra - Deprivation and Isolation
Jack's handicap makes things difficult sometimes. But maybe it's just him.
End of Round 3 in the NOCT hosted by :iconnuzlocke-challenge:

Luka belongs to :iconmarche-towers:

The lady with the bandages belongs to :iconjaquan1:

The battle was over. Dylan had gotten lucky and managed to grab the Crobat. He quickly dove under the water and held the Crobat there until it longer struggled against him. When they resurfaced Dylan placed Kayla on a floating platform before climbing onto one near Sylvia. Sylvia called across the water to Zeke.

“Sorry for drowning your Crobat!” She quickly recalls Dylan to his Pokéball. The battle may be over, but the toxin from Cross Poison still ravaged Dylan’s insides. Sylvia ran from the pool, promising to herself to find her opponent later and give a much more sincere apology rather than the hollow one echoing in the arena. (And she did too! But Zeke seemed to simply vanish!)

Sylvia realized why most trainers travel with big bags or at least pants with pockets. She sorely needed an antidote. There were vending machines selling potions and full heals, but she had no change!


Dylan could probably smash the glass, but she didn’t want to injure him further. She sprinted from room to room, asking anyone she came across, but found no one who could help her.

“C’mon, Pecha Berry, Gateau, Lava Cookie, my kingdom for an Antidote!”

Tears filled her eyes as she realized she wasn’t going to make it in time. This is what I get for being unprepared. Full of anger and sorrow she hefted the nearest garbage can and hurled it across the hall. She sank tearfully to the floor amidst the echoing clamor.

Several minutes passed before Sylvia looked up and surveyed the mess she had strewn about. Before she could start sardonically waxing poetic about it being a metaphor for her life, a small yellow spray bottle caught her eye. Sylvia scrambled at it, brushing clutter and refuse aside.

“It’s even full,” she breathed as she snatched it up. “Why is it full and in the trash?” Sylvia read the bottom and felt her lifted spirits tumble back down.

“Oh.” It had expired shortly before the tournament was supposed to begin. She wiped snot on her forearm and thought Can’t do any worse to him.

Summoned in front of her, Dylan lay down unhappily and wincing in pain.

“Did you find something?”

“An Antidote, but it’s expired. I figure it can’t hurt to try.” A brief pause and then he nodded.

Sylvia sat down and stretched his limbs over her lap. She spritzed the medicine over the entry wounds, using more than would have been strictly necessary. When she was done she wrapped her arms around Dylan’s neck and squished herself against him as hard as possible, and they waited.

Things were quiet for the next half hour. Every ragged breath Dylan took whittled down her nerves, fearing it would be his last. Tears were absorbed into his skin. Sylvia broke the silence with a soft voice.

“I’m sorry, Dylan. I was so bored here for however long it’s been, that when our fight came up I only saw it as another challenge. I know we’re just waiting to die. There are champions and people with entire teams of Pokémon here fighting for their own lives. I know we don’t stand much of a chance.”

She tightened her hug and nuzzled into his face.

“I should have been more careful. I didn’t even remember it was to the death until you pulled that Crobat under. Then I could only think of the poison, and that I’m as unprepared as always, and that the stadium’s Pokémon Center wasn’t staffed. I’m…I’m just so sorry, Dylan!”

Sylvia buried her face in his neck as tears fell anew. He shifted under her and she looked up into his eyes.

“I think it’s been long enough, Sylvia. If the poison was going to kill me, it would have by now.”

“Are you okay? You still sound rough.”

“I don’t think the Antidote patched up the path caused by the poison. My insides feel…loose. And my body feels a little sluggish. But I’ll be able to fight.”

Dylan tried to rise, but was pulled back down. Sylvia shook her head violently.

“No. No no no. I’m not putting you at risk again. We’ll forfeit. I don’t want you to get hurt anymore.”

“Sylvia, what good would that do? If we give up, we’re certainly dead. I need to fight, for the both of us.” She shook her head again.

“But – “

“Will you stand by me, direct me as you can? And if it happens that way, will you be there in my last moments if I fail?”

What could she say? He was willing to fight and die for her. She could hardly do less. This head shake cleared her mind. She took his arms in hers.

“Looks like these wounds are going to scar after all this. Let me wrap them up so nothing gets in the wounds in the next battle.”

He smiled at her and helped her up. They left to raid the Center for bandages…and to retrieve the clothes Sylvia had left behind in the arena.


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Woo! Writing down all my notes for how I want things to pan out for my character in the first few rounds of :iconnuzlocke-challenge:'s NOCT tournament is brutal. Writing down the possibility of characters dying is rough on the emotions. Both Jack and I are going to be a mess when this is over.
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