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Ayessel was not a nervous Pokémon. He was naturally brash and aggressive to people and Pokémon that might befriend Jack. He didn’t even shy from battles, enjoying the opportunity to show off why his trainer didn’t need anyone else. (Never mind the times he lost.) Nervous was the last thing you’d call Ayessel.

But now as he looked at the battlefield from the vantage of Jack’s shoulder, he couldn’t help a twinge of…apprehension sweep down his feathers. This was unlike anything he’d ever done, that any of his friends had done before this tournament. Ayessel had told Aegis and Dory to not pull their punches, to kill when the opportunity came, but he was starting to feel like a hypocrite. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to go through with the act if he was called to it, even though his teammates had done so in previous rounds.

Aegis stood on the other side of Jack, eyes also locked on the trees before them. Ayessel could tell the Blastoise was considering how to move in the tight space between the trunks. The trees on the outside were shorter, thinner, but Ayessel could see the deeper they went, the bigger and sturdier the forest would become.

Ayessel wouldn’t have any problems with movement. Trees were no trouble for a small bird like him. He could move through the branches and trunks with ease, never touching the ground if he wanted. The forest would also be simple for Pokémon on four legs, as both of their opponents were.

They hadn’t seen the other Pokémon yet, hidden by the dark trees as they were, but the screen pairing trainers had revealed them to be a Sylveon and a Ninetales with their trainer Eli. Their lithe forms worried Ayessel more than anything

Ayessel started as Jack spoke.

“Be careful in there you two. I’m not going to be able to see much, so watch out for each other.” His hand pressed Ayessel gently to the side of his head while the other was placed on Aegis’s shell. His next words were quiet even for him. “And come back to me…”

His hands came down and there was nothing left to say. Ayessel flapped from Jack’s shoulder to the ridge of the Blastoise’s shell and they walked into dappled gloom.

First contact was terrifying as it was brief. Aegis was slowly making his way to the center of the trees, where a clearing had been spotted and he might have a chance to move around. Ayessel kept quiet on his shell, looking around for any signs of enemy Pokémon. He cringed inwardly at calling them that, but it was what they had to be if he was going to be able to fight to kill them.

Maybe it was his inner monologue, or maybe because they were the Pokémon of an in-training ninja, or somewhat of both that allowed both the Ninetales and the Sylveon to sneak behind them and launch a double attack. A Moonblast struck in the middle of Aegis’s shell moments before the Flamethrower struck, pushing them both forward, saving Ayessel from being roast Chatot. He took off into the canopy as a Protect surrounded Aegis, shielding him from the successive double attack.

He looked down to see the Blastoise stumbling toward the clearing, glancing off trees in his haste. Both of their opponents were following and launching nasty looking attacks that rolled off his carapace. Well that won’t do. Time to even the odds a little bit. Let’s see, that Sylveon’s ears look rather sensitive!

His dive was impressive for a Chatot, though hardly comparable to that of a Talonflame or Pidgeot, leveling out to soar over the Sylveon’s back. He let out a scream of a Chatter inches from her head, adding a ‘loser!’ as he swiftly flew away. The attack had the desired effect, making the Sylveon cringe and drop the formation of a Dazzling Gleam. Ayessel looked back and was glad to see she was following him as closely as possible.

“Of course, now I have to worry about it firing those attacks at me.” He mumbled to the leaves around him. Only rustling replied in the wind of his wake. Ayessel banked hard around a larger tree, circling around it faster than the Sylveon could follow. When she rounded the bark the only thing she saw was several Chatots disappearing into the foliage.

Even from his hiding spot Ayessel could hear her curse softly. His involuntary snicker made her ears perk up and begin moving in his direction. He wisely shut up. As the Sylveon stepped into his circle of trees, a dozen Ayessels lined the branches above her, all looking down at her. Her eyes widening before the air filled with a cacophony. She flattened her ears to her head and started backing away. Her eyes jumped between the clones, trying to pin down the real one.

She’s not going to find me that way. Ayessel watched her approach, er, reverse toward him. He’d taken to the ground, hiding himself beneath the roots of a massive tree. As soon as she was close, he’d leap out and hit her with such a Chatter she wouldn’t know up from down. The Intertwining Pokémon didn’t know the noise she heard was normal for Ayessel, from a dozen mouths. The real attack would be much louder.

Wait. Why’d she stop? But then he realized she had her ears pointed in one direction. He strained his own hearing and could hear a female trainer’s voice calling through the forest. Only a few words reached him comprehensible.

“Aire…Misty Terrain…”

His eyes widened as the Sylveon shook herself. Sparkles flew from her fur to spread quickly through the immediate forest. The trees seemed to fade into the background, merely ethereal echoes of plant flesh. But as they receded, Ayessel stuck out vividly and the Sylveon turned on him in quick succession. With an undignified squawk he shot out of the roots, narrowly dodging what likely would have been a fatal Bite.

Once again in flight mode, Ayessel flapped around barely visible branches, suddenly at a disadvantage. He dodged Moonblast after Dazzling Gleam after Moonblast, but only just. He came within eyeshot of Aegis in his clearing. He was taking Hydro Pump potshots at the trees around him as the Ninetales disappeared, only to reappear on the other side of the clearing to spit a Hex at him. The Ninetales was too fast and nimble in the cramped woods for the Blastoise to hit with any accuracy. If only I could lure that fox out in the open we might stand a chance.

An idea came hurtling out of his youth. He dropped his speed and let it seem as though the next Moonblast had nearly hit him (though it was much closer than he had intended, thank you very much). With another screech, Ayessel was glad Jack was deaf as he let out an uninterrupted string of the foulest words he knew. Growing up around sailors gave him a lot of ammunition.

He filled the air with obscenities and cursed up a storm, insulting deities both local and distant. His profanities were so disgustingly foul, it was actually making aiming difficult for the pursuing Sylveon. Ayessel circled the clearing as he kept up his swear-filled tirade about things holy, but mostly things not. His blasphemous mouth drew the attention of the fire-type as he flew over her, and she joined the chase with her teammate. Thankfully it kept them both distracted enough to chase him without alerting them of his direction.

He barreled into the clearing directly at Aegis. The Shellfish Pokémon was still looking around for the Ninetales, but also for the source of sudden filth in the forest. Ayessel stopped cursing and flung a command at the Blastoise.

“Aegis, Protect!” Aegis looked over his shoulder for a moment at the Music Note Pokémon before complying. He withdrew into his shell and raised his barrier. Ayessel tucked his wings and tumbled tail feathers over beak, pointed back the way he came. Just as the pursuing Pokémon leapt into the clearing, they were slammed with sound. The massive Boomburst pummeled them into and through the nearest trees. Ayessel unceremoniously plopped to the ground, bruising only his pride.

Such is the price of pulling off an amazing maneuver like that.

He pushed himself to his feet and shook the dirt from his wings. Aegis stood over him, a concerned look on his face. He reached down a hand to lift Ayessel, giving him that look the entire way up to his shoulder where Ayessel hopped to his shell. Ayessel put a reassuring wing on the Blastoise’s head.

“I’m alright, big guy.”

A matching growl and snarl from behind them suggested he might not be for much longer. Their opponents had finished extricating themselves from the wreckage of branches and leaves. Both had their teeth bared as they approached. Wisps of fire and a pink glow escaped from the sides of their mouths. Instead of launching their attacks they split and started circling the pair. Ayessel kept his eyes on the Sylveon, while Aegis turned slowly to follow the Ninetales.

Reaching opposite sides the fox-like team launched their attacks. Ayessel took quickly to the air to dodge a Moonblast, barrel rolling around the stream of light. Below him, Aegis had dropped to the ground, withdrawing into his shell to execute a Rapid Spin. The Flamethrower meant for Aegis nearly struck the Sylveon as he ducked out of the way.  

Ayessel let loose a Chatter at the Sylveon trying to avoid the crackling flames. The attack only slowed her down for a moment before she dashed away, the Chatot quick to follow her ribbons. He could see from his peripheral Aegis was now chasing the Ninetales, using Rapid Spin in the newly expanded space. He was fast when spinning, but the Ninetales was quicker. She managed to dodge behind trees just as Aegis would have hit, causing him to bounce away leaving a heavy divot in the struck trees.

Refocusing his attention to the pink Eeveelution, Ayessel found he hadn’t refocused quickly enough. Where did she go? I thought I was right behind her. He flapped to a halt and hovered in the air, looking back and forth for his opponent. Looking at his teammate, he found the Blastoise looking for his own target who had disappeared into the trees again. You’d think two Pokémon that brightly colored would pop in this gloom, no matter how skilled at hiding they are.

Two ribbons lashed out from the forest and wrapped securely against Aegis’s water cannons. The Sylveon hurtled toward the Blastoise with the help of her tendrils, Biting him sharply on the snout. She then flipped over onto his back, continuing to use her ribbons to full effect to keep her balanced. Ayessel saw a pink glare fill her mouth, aimed at his friend’s head.

“Aegis!” Ayessel turned to help the Shellfish Pokémon, and found himself on his back, victim to the Ninetales’s Feint Attack. Before he could recover, the Fox Pokémon stood over him, pinning his wings to the ground. She briefly looked over at the Sylveon, meeting her comrade’s eyes, before turning back to the trapped bird. Her maw opened and filled with flame.
NOCT2 R3 Vs. Eli
Forest combat. Deep in the woods, enemies concealed by shadow, who will emerge victorious and alive?

For :iconnuzlocke-challenge:'s NOCT2.
Aire the Sylveon, Sophia the Ninetales, and Eli belong to :iconawesomekk-chan:

Sylvia was nearly running by the time she reached the arena. It had just finished changing shape and was now quickly filling with water. She nearly bounced with glee. She hadn’t been able to swim for a long time, well before she’d gotten on the bus for Galida. She looked around for any other competitors, and finding herself alone she quickly stripped out of her everyday clothes and into her swimsuit.

With a light hearted toss of a Pokéball, Dylan joined her and both raced for the now full pool. Surfacing after a deep dive, Sylvia simply floated on her back for a moment, enjoying the feeling of cool water.

“Oh, Dylan. It feels so good to swim again, to feel the water on my skin.” Only a contented sigh returned to her, and she opened her eyes to see the Swampert sunning himself on a floating platform. Shaking her head in amusement, Sylvia turned over and swam from one end of the pool to the other. After a small flip turn off the wall, she was startled from treading when a voice spoke up.

“What are you doing? Are you my opponent?” She looked up and found a teenage boy looking at her. Black hair shaded blue eyes that looked like they questioned her sanity. A Crobat with a bandana flew behind him. She smirked at them both.

“Swimming. I figured if I’m going to die because of this stupid tournament anyway, I might as well swim again before I go and the time bubble doesn’t extend far enough for me to do that from the beach.” The boy wasn’t expecting her answer to be that logical. After a pause he just moved on.

“I’m Zeke, and the Crobat is Kayla.”

“You were right. I am your opponent. I’m Sylvia, and that big lunk over there is Dylan. Shall we get down to this?”

Refusing to get out just yet, she swam back the length of the pool before hauling herself out. “Okay, Dylan. Let’s get fired up!” Of course, it’s going to take more than spirited words to get him in a fighting mood. He was still in repose, ignoring everything but the sun. Kayla however, sped toward the Swampert at high speed.

She probed his defenses by dodging in and then out quickly, but was rather startled when Dylan didn’t even move. Zeke must have thought it strategy, as he called his Pokémon to get his attention. Kayla dipped down in front of his face and spit at him, but he merely gave a half-hearted swat in her direction, easily dodged. So she started zipping from one side of him to the other, mocking him and saying hurtful things. But nothing really worked, until the Torment hit a nerve.

“Arceus, you’re so lazy! It really says a lot about your trainer when you won’t even fight in these conditions!” A twitch ran through Dylan’s body and he looked up at the hovering Pokémon.

“You want to run that by me again?” She started to speak, but had to dodge steaming water shot at her face. “C’mere. Let me tell you what I think of that. Sylvia! Help me show this nuisance some manners!”

Sylvia could only smirk as her Pokémon was finally drawn into the battle.

“Alright, Dylan! Use an Ice Punch on the water in front of your platform! Throw it!” The chunk of ice hurtled through the air, but passed harmlessly through a Double Team clone. Twenty Crobat forms circled Dylan and dove toward him, spinning in an aileron roll. He was struck from behind by the Acrobatics attack.

“Haha, you’re much too slow to catch me! Let’s see how you like a little venom in your system!” Kayla once again dove at him, wings glowing a sickly purple.

“Dylan, take your time! She’ll mess up eventually, and then you strike!” He stoically took the hit, crossing his forelimbs to absorb most of the shock. She circled around and did it again. And again, and when she saw him flinch as poison filtered through his skin, she couldn’t help but gloat a moment.

“Ha, I said you weren’t fast enough to take me on. Now look at you. You’re-“ She didn’t finish that sentence. Energy erupted from Dylan’s body as he flung his arms forward, knocking the Bat Pokémon from the sky and into the water.

Sylvia heard her opponent cry out in shock.

“What was that? I didn’t hear you give any commands!”

“She called him lazy, but Dylan here knows how to Bide his time. Now, get after that water logged bat with an Ice Punch!”

Dylan winced at the poison within him but was in the water and swimming toward Kayla at surprising speed. She managed to get to a platform just before he reached her. With her tremendous wing speed she managed to dry off her wings and become airborne just as Dylan leapt from the water to strike with an icy fist. The attack whiffed through another Double Team illusion, freezing a large swath of water into ice.

Sparing no more words, Kayla followed her trainer’s orders and attacked with another Acrobatics. Thinking quick, Sylvia pointed at the floe in the pool. “Dylan, use Scald on the ice, throw up some cover!” Steam quickly covered the field as the super-heated water met frozen water.

Too bad it’s only a temporary fix. We need to end this, or that poison is going to do it for us. What can we do here?
NOCT2 S1 - Sylvia/Dylan vs Zeke/Kayla
My side character Sylvia takes a quick dip before her battle to the death. What kind of mindset is that?

This is for :iconnuzlocke-challenge: and their NOCT side competition.

Zeke and Kayla belong to the talented :iconwhimsy-psyduck:
Lumi was losing her patience, Jack could tell. Her movements were erratic and she’d started just picking up clumps of sand with Telekinesis and throwing them at the Gothitelle. Jack shook his head, wondering how he could just finish this fight.

Looking over to Portent and her battle with the Camerupt, he saw the Absol seemed to have no problems drawing the fight out. She barely extended any effort to dodge attacks, the Camerupt being bogged down by Curse’s effects, but also couldn’t do much damage for the same reason. The violet silhouette of Future Sight was clear even through the swirling sand. Maybe that will finish this horrid battle. Strangely, he watched as Portent dodged another Take Down, but then stopped several meters away.

She’s just standing there. What’s she doing? Portent, move! You’re not even facing your opponent anymore! The Camerupt took this pause to launch an Eruption at the Disaster Pokémon, hoping she’d stay long enough to be hit. The glow of psychic energy disappeared from her, only to have the fuchsia aura of Telekinesis surround her. She was lifted out of the way of the descending fire before it could connect.

What is Lumi doing? I didn’t tell her to do that! Portent doesn’t seem surprised though. In the next few moments he realized the Absol had seen the end of the fight in her vision, so had canceled the forming attack. Portent was hurled at the Gothitelle, horn darkening the air as she streaked toward the target. The Night Slash was fatal.

Portent landed deftly on the other side of the dying Pokémon, drawing Jack’s attention to the other side of the arena. He could barely see his opponent. It seemed like she was getting smaller. Is she…running away? She was. Jack watched as she disappeared into the darkness of a tunnel that lead to the field.

Jack looked to the Chatot on his shoulder, “She didn’t even stay to recall her other Pokémon.” He shook his head and his sight refocused on the dying Psychic-type. He quietly recalled Luminaire, but Portent sat down next to the Gothitelle, looking mournful. The Camerupt snorted smoke out of her nose, a challenge to her friend’s killer not to get too close. Jack drew the Camerupt’s attention with a wave, signaling for it to calm down. He approached the fallen Pokémon as well.

“We only want to pay our respects to her. She fought well, and none of us deserve this combat.” Jack could see the Gothitelle still breathed, but was clearly on her way out. She looked up at his approach and gave a half-hearted smile, but there was only sorrow in her eyes. “The pain of losing you must be too much for your trainer. I’m responsible for this, so I’ll stay with you until the end.”

The end came shortly, before the sandstorm had even stopped its whirling. Jack bowed his head, feeling tears drop from his face. Feeling a shift in the sand near him, he opened his eyes to find the Camerupt glaring at him from just a meter away. He made eye contact with her for a long moment. Finally she snorted ash and turned to follow her trainer.

I hope she brings Laura back to retrieve her friend. This is a terrible place to be left behind.

Hours later found Jack trying to sleep in an empty vendor hall. No one seemed to visit this end of the stadium, and so his quiet weeping had gone on unnoticed. He lay on the ground, his back to a vendor cart and his big coat covering him. He squeezed his eyes tightly, but the perpetual daylight was difficult to shut out. Portent and Ayessel watched over him despite his protests that they get some rest too. They’d insisted to stay on watch, just in case. None of them had had much sleep since they’d arrived in the time bubble. Now exhaustion nearly overcame him and he needed to conk out.

Heavy yawns wracked his body and he could feel his consciousness slipping away when he suddenly felt something else. A leg pressed briefly on his own before disappearing and a breeze cooled the skin of his face. He groaned and opened his eyes to small slits. Through his lashes he could see his Pokémon chasing and harassing a young man clad in red. Jekyll… and Jack momentarily entertained the idea of his Pokémon tearing the guy to shreds for lying to him. Instead, in a soft voice he called his friends back to his side.

“Don’t trouble yourselves. He’s not worth it.” He could see the boy leaning around a pillar looking at them, an almost regretful look in his eyes, and then he was gone.

Ayessel settled back on the cart above Jack and Portent curled up near his legs. Jack reached out his arms, one settling on the Absol’s fur, stroking softly. The other reached up to his first friend, who nibbled tenderly on his fingers. He soon fell to slumber, his friends watching over him.
NOCT2 R2 Extra - Victory and Rest
The end of Round 2 in the death tournament hosted by :iconnuzlocke-challenge:
Jack has won, but victory here is rarely satisfying.

Laura belongs to :iconthe-moon-eevee:
Jekyll belongs to :iconpurin-it-knightly:

Sylvia Finley (28, Female)
--Pacifidlog Town
Dark brown skin and a shaved head are the first things you notice about Sylvia. She hates swim caps and hair getting in her face while swimming, so she found a solution. Challenging sapphire eyes dare anyone to take up a competition against her. Sylvia wears cargo shorts and a blue tank top, both of which can be quickly shed if she wants or needs to go swimming. Prefers wearing nothing on her feet, but will borrow shoes from anyone nearby if they’re required. She’s embarrassed her fair share of people with her tendency to not have anything under the clothes when she strips. Otherwise has goggles and a wadded up swimsuit shoved in one of her pockets.
Sylvia grew up in Pacifidlog Town, and learned how to swim at an early age. She took to it eagerly and with apparent talent. Swimming in the sea around home has made her a very strong swimmer, and those muscles help every now and then out of the water. Severely competitive, Sylvia came to Galida to check out the other trainers. She had no intention of competing this year. Sylvia jumped aboard the bus just to watch matches and see how the arena worked.

Dylan (Swampert, Male)
--Ice Punch
Sylvia’s strongest and oldest friend first met her when he pulled her out of a whirlpool when he was just a Marshtomp. She’d gotten in over her head and was very glad for the timely rescue. Since then they’ve been strong friends. Dylan loves to swim just as much as Sylvia, but when it comes to battling he’s hard pressed to take it nearly as seriously as his trainer. Oh, he’ll still give it everything he’s got once he’s in a fight, but he’d prefer relaxing or talking things out. He likes to sunbathe whenever the sun is out.
NOCT 2 Side Contest - Sylvia and Dylan
My entry for the side contest of :iconnuzlocke-challenge:'s NOCT2. I fully expect to be knocked out in a round, but we'll see how it goes.


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Woo! Writing down all my notes for how I want things to pan out for my character in the first few rounds of :iconnuzlocke-challenge:'s NOCT tournament is brutal. Writing down the possibility of characters dying is rough on the emotions. Both Jack and I are going to be a mess when this is over.
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