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Character’s Name: Pike

Age: 32
Gender:  Female

Clan:  She grew up with her family among the Nomads, but joined the Socratics at 19 when she became fascinated by machines.

Genetic Deficiency or Mutation:  Pike has had a growing sensitivity to light all her life. Bright light, which for her is almost all light, causes her great pain. She either must find something to cover her eyes or a dark place to hide. At first she could handle being in broad daylight without protection, but then needed at least a head covering. Now she’s downgraded to having some sort of shades over her eyes in any kind of light. She wears goggles with lenses made from a welding mask. Unfortunately, goggles being what they are, means that Pike has no peripheral vision in light. At night she’s just fine though if not around torches or fires.

Physical Appearance:  Pike is a large woman with broad, brown shoulders that lead into muscular arms. She has short black hair pulled back tight against her head, a small tail keeping it from covering her brown eyes. She wears sturdy boots below a pair of loose tan pants.(mention trying to mimic the sharp dressers of the Socratics, coming to the conclusion it is part of being a learned individual)

Major Skills: Climbing, hiding, running. You’d think someone used to living off the land would be able to swim, but she hates any water that’s too deep to stand in. She’ll try to find another way around, thank you very much. She’s good at mechanics, can disassemble machinery and put it back together, with modifications or not. Due to this she’s also rather adept at basic construction, knowing how things go together and how to build structures sturdily.

Tools: Has a tool belt with various tools. Screwdrivers, a few wrenches, mostly things she’s found while wandering around because the Socratics didn’t want to spare their tools for her ‘adventures’.  She also has a big rubber hammer she uses to smack things into or out of place. Black tinted goggles she uses to cover her eyes in any amount of light. She carries a length of rope in her pack, about 15m of it, along with any supplies she thinks she may need on any individual trip.

Family: Her mother and father are still traveling with the Nomads. She’d gladly participate just to get them inside, but they’re likely to refuse the offer. They’re comfortable with the life they have. She has no siblings, not by birth anyway. She considers four of her friends to be her adopted siblings, though Pike worries the Domers won’t take that.

She’s also married with two children of her own. Her husband, Nick, had helped her conceive twins, one boy and one girl. Toby and Jessica were too young to really know what their mother was getting into, but they seemed enthusiastic about her doing anything.

Personality: Pike is above all else, curious. She wants to know how everything works. She didn’t really understand this impulse until she joined the Socratics. Before then she’d had to fight down the urge, because wandering in to explore something could get you killed. So, she learned to be cautious when things seemed too good to be true, to notice the small details.  She’s quick to forgive those who sincerely regret their actions, but will remain wary of anyone with a half-hearted apology, even over something minor. She is often hyper-focused on whatever she’s interested in, and can forget the people around her, even if she’s been talking to them for a while. She hates being interrupted when working on a project. Just let her get her work done, or she’s going to be grumpy at you until you leave. While she has her small group of friends, she prefers to spend a lot of her time alone. If she spends too long with any one person, she will desperately want to leave the situation.

History: Pike is a 32 year-old woman living on the outside. She was born to the Nomads, and grew up learning how to survive on little and using the world around her to her advantage. Can’t reach something? Is there anything you can move and climb on top of? If you’re attacked, what can you use as shelter or a make-shift weapon?

She was raised more or less non-violent. Fighting only when all other options had been exhausted, including running. That being said, she has an eye for details, and has learned a lot from watching fights. Some fights were between humans, but they were not the only combatants. Intimidation, feinting, taunting, even dirty tricks could be used to ensure survival.

Though she’s never been in a real fight, muscles have built up over the many years interacting with her environment. She’s skilled at climbing hiding, running. She’d list parkour among her skills, if she had any idea it existed. But she hardly counts these as skills. These came from growing as she did. The abilities she’s most proud of come from a different culture.

At 19, Pike was part of a Nomad group hired to bring certain equipment to the Socratics. She had no idea what any of it was, but she was immensely curious what it might do if it weren’t broken. She asked so many questions of the people on the receiving end, they were almost desperate to get rid of her.

Pike was rescued from rejection by an elderly Socratic who took interest in her curiosity. She had been asking intuitive questions about things she should have no knowledge of, being a Nomad. He invited her into their library and answered many of her questions with the help of old manuals.

She couldn’t read the words, written language hadn’t been important to her survival, but she understood what he explained to her. The hour grew late and the man invited her to join in meal with him, where they could keep talking.

While hesitant at the offer (food from unknown people usually meant a trap), she couldn’t deny she wanted to learn more. Pike followed the man to his home and shared a meal and a curious evening talking about machines. She’d never been so interested in anything before.
It was late when they retired, and by morning Pike had decided. She wasn’t leaving with the other Nomads. Some ridiculed her, believing she was abandoning their way of life. This was somewhat true. Pike would be staying in one place for an extending period of time.

But others accepted this as another Nomad trait. Sometimes you leave the group to travel your own path. This was true too. These Nomads worried about her, knowing her often overwhelming desire to be alone. She would be joining a large, stationary group.
She was a little worried about that herself, but Pike reassured them and sent them on their way with a message for her parents. So began several years of teaching. She had an eye for detail and could understand concepts easily, though reading, writing, and mathematics were difficult.

She persevered, however, and became quite adept with machinery. She prefers the simple machines, but can also reassemble complicated machines she’s taken apart with ease.
Pike had a difficult time adjusting to the Socratic community. Most people were smarter than her (though she later learned the difference between inherent intelligence and education) and many looked down on her at first. Her questions were persistent and often seen as annoying.

But she found allies. The first Socratic to answer her questions, the elderly Onion. That wasn’t his real name, but it was what everyone called him, an affectionate nickname from his youth. A small group of friends near her age also took her unknowingly into their circle. They showed her around and answered questions when they could. Pike quickly found herself more attached to them than anyone else before them.

Nick, Sophia, Lucy, Bryan and Emma were the people she went to when she wanted comfort or just company. They helped each other study, and do chores. Working on projects was a breeze when the six of them were together. Pike was romantically involved with Emma for a few years, but split up when a rough argument convinced the both of them they didn’t work as lovers.

Nick would later romance her with machinery and honey drops, her favorite sweet. They shared a lot of interests, and after only a few years decided to join together. Six months later she gave birth to twins and named them Toby and Jessica. Toby was born with only one leg, and Jessica fell ill easily. The medical advances of the Socratics helped her through these obstacles, but life seemed determined to make her new life difficult.
Before the twins could turn a year old, their father had an accident that permanently crippled the limbs on the left side of his body. There were very few jobs he could physically do. Their friends helped him find a place in the library, but it was still a devastating blow to his pride. Pike did what she could to make their lives flow smoothly, but never felt she was doing enough.

When news of the tournament reached the community, Pike only had to think of her family to push her to enter. Many of the elder Socratics claimed the Domers had medical technology even more advanced than what was available to those on the outside. If she could win, maybe their lives could turn around again. She also wouldn’t mind a look at the technology they were hiding away. What could she do with it if she could get her hands on it? Probably take it apart, first.

Pike arranged for Emma and her girlfriend to watch after her family while she was gone, and asked her and their friends to help out if she didn’t come back. She left the settlement just after sunset, blowing the dust off her old Nomad skills.
Let Me In - Pike
This is my profile of Pike for :iconlet-me-in-oct:
Thanks to :iconleafquill: for giving me a shot at being a late entry. Let me know if this works or if I need to change anything.

Edit: I swear I meant to go back and say more about her appearance...crap.
Jack had been preparing for his next match when Celebi’s message hit him on a psychic wavelength. His mind reeled at the implications and he fell to the ground from both shock and the mental intrusion.

Dory pulled him upright as he realized the murder they’d done, for nothing. There had never been a reason for everyone here to struggle and lose so much. Dialga had ruined their lives for his own sick purposes.

He turned to his Pokémon, who were all looking expectantly.

“Did all of you hear that?” A nod from each. “Then how about we go show Dialga what it’s like to be in a fight you didn’t want? Let’s make him fight for his life.” He turned and ran for the arena, his friends behind him.

He entered from the stadium seats, the battleground below him. The other trainers and their Pokémon were charging in too. Everyone wanted a piece of their tormentor. With a small army arrayed against him, Dialga started looking small himself.

This should be easy with us all united against him. But as Jack watched, Dialga tilted his head back and loosed a roar Jack could feel in his bones. His joints ached as he watched most of the assembled families disappear.

Jack ran down the stadium steps, Ayessel on his shoulder and Portent just behind him. He jumped down the arena wall and made to stand by the only remaining trainer on the field. Her Pokémon were already out. Five, no, four Pokémon surrounded her, she’d returned one. When Jack went to meet her he was tackled from behind.

Portent knocked him to the ground as a boulder the size of Jack flew over their heads. The other trainer had also dodged the attack. Crap, he’s trying to kill us trainers off directly this time. Jack released the other three team members from their Pokéballs, having recalled them when they weren’t able to keep up.

All but Aegis and two of his ally’s Pokémon disappeared in the tall grass swishing about Jack’s abdomen. Morse code foot taps sent Dory underground, safely hidden from the Legendary’s view. Aegis took a shot with Hydro Pump, not waiting for orders. The move struck, but only caused Dialga’s leg to lift momentarily in annoyance.

Two dark shapes zipped up Dialga’s huge body, taking advantage of his attention on Aegis. One Sneasel dropped icicles on his back while another breathed freezing air into his face. Dialga merely gave a great shake, scattering them from his body, not affected by the Ice-type moves. Great glowing boulders formed mid-air and hurtled down on the field.

Jack called for the other trainer to come to him and she hesitated only a moment before joining him and Ayessel behind Aegis’s Protect-enhanced shell. The Sneasels and Zoroark dodged the attack, Lumi used Psychic to smash her boulder into the ground just before it could hit her, and the Gothitelle seemed to redirect the rock with Psychoshock to bounce off Dialga’s steely scales.

Portent glowed with Future Sight and dodged just as deftly as the other Dark-types. Peering around Aegis, Jack saw her bark at them and receive a bark in return. Without pausing, the four shot off at Dialga. The Temporal Pokémon reacted much too slowly as they dashed between his legs, delivering four simultaneous Night Slashes to the back of his legs. Unable to ward against so many attacks at once the god dropped heavily to his knees.

He made to regain his footing as flame filled his mouth to scorch the Pokémon beneath him.

..-. .- .-.. .-..


Right on cue, the previously burrowed Dory burst from the ground, his fist streaming water. The uppercut parted the infant firestorm and slammed into Dialga’s jaw, shutting it. Jack cheered. It turned to a groan as Dialga flung a leg out, trying to rebalance after his head snapped back, kicking the falling Poliwrath. Dory tumbled into the grass, vanishing among the multicolored blades.

“Dory, are you okay?” A weary thumbs-up shot up out of the grass before sinking back down.
Dialga shook his head and glared in their direction. He rose into the air, hovering well out of a Digger’s reach. A smirk settled on his face before it was blown off by a purple blast of Psychic energy. Portent’s Future Sight had arrived. Dialga rocked to the side, only for a second Future Sight to slam into him from the other side. Jack whipped his head around to see the purple glow fade from the other trainer’s Gothitelle.

In answer though, purple smoke poured from the sides of Dialga’s mouth and a beam of energy cut across the field. In its wake explosions ripped the ground apart. Jack cowered with his ally behind Aegis, who had thrown up a late Protect. Jack felt his heart slow down as he watched the explosions, thankful Dory had been far underground. At the edges of the explosion he saw grass growing old and dying, while in other places it seemed to be un-growing, shrinking back into the dirt.

He knows a technique that distorts time? Of course he does. How are we supposed to stand against that? The other trainer was shouting commands to her Pokémon. How could she want to go on fighting this monster? Then Jack saw, Dialga wasn’t moving. His mouth hadn’t even closed. Whatever the attack was, it seemed to paralyze him after. A heavy cost that we’ll gladly take advantage of.

“Ayessel, use Tailwind to get everyone moving a little faster!” The Chatot hopped up into the air and began beating his wings furiously. The wind swirled around them and Jack could see the Dark-types taking advantage of the speed boost. Ayessel looked relieved. Jack could hardly blame him for not wanting to take on the Steel-type directly. None of his attacks were going to be helpful at all. He looked glad to be able to do this much.

Luminaire floated off to a side, looking unsure. Jack told her to use her Fire-type move and received a shake of her head (body?) in response. She pointed at the field with one of her arms and when Jack looked, he understood. There were a lot of allies milling around trying to attack their opponent and Lumi’s Inferno had never been the most accurate attack. She didn’t want to hit anyone else and hurt their chances of defeating Dialga.

Jack looked around for a solution. They needed all the help they could get and Lumi would definitely be that help. He watched as Dialga managed to kick the Zoroark in a glancing blow, while Portent and the Sneasels dodged a Flash Cannon. He could tell them all to clear out, but that would draw Dialga’s attention to Lumi, and Ancient Power was a problem. Telekinesis would hold him in place for Inferno…but he could still attack in retaliation…Oh!

.-. . .- -.. -.-- / -.. -.-- -. .- -- .. -.-.

Ready Dynamic

“Lumi, use Telekinesis to slam him to the ground and hold him there!”

Finally with something to do, Lumi surrounded herself and Dialga with fuchsia energy. The Lampent was concentrating hard, actually being jostled around in the air by the effort. But Dialga would not come down without great effort, an effort Lumi did not seem capable of. With a toss of his head and a roar, the fuchsia energy shattered and Luminaire was sent tumbling. Immediate retribution came in the form of Ancient Power. Boulders formed in the air and flung at the Lampent.

“Lumi!” She managed to dodge two on her own, but the third slammed into one of her arms, bending it painfully. But she was not the only target. Jack turned at the other trainer’s pointing finger. Two boulders were being slung at them!

Aegis tried to throw up a Protect, only for it to fizzle after a moment in existence. He’d used it too often! Instead, he aimed his water cannons and blasted the first one away with a Hydro Pump. The second boulder was coming from a different angle, and was too close for Aegis to blast. He turned left to meet it, pushing both trainers to the ground with an arm. The rock slammed into his cannon, crushing it, but deflecting the attack.

Jack saw Aegis bellow in pain, and even though he couldn’t hear the cry, his heart filled with fury at the sound he knew was there. The cannon was cracked in several places and completely crushed. The Blastoise was still trying to provide cover for them, despite the pain on his face. Jack stood and placed a reassuring hand on Aegis’s shell.

“Thank you. Just a little more, I promise. Then you can rest.” Aegis nodded and turned his attention back to the battle.

Jack called Lumi over to him. He wordlessly examined the bent arm before asking if she could keep fighting. She nodded exuberantly.

“Would you agree that we need a boost in strength here?” A slightly sarcastic nod this time. Jack laughed and pulled a small pouch from his pocket. “Alright, then if you’re okay with this, are you ready to evolve?” He removed and held up the item in front of her.

Her eyes widened at the sight of the Dusk Stone before locking eyes with Jack. The light from a Future Sight illuminated her as she nodded solemnly and the plate atop her head opened. He hesitated a moment before dropping the Dusk Stone into her inner fire. The stone caught and was consumed like charcoal, and Jack considered that this was not how evolutionary stones were usually applied.

Luminaire’s flame grew bright enough it was difficult to look at. The light spread over her body and the changes came quickly. Her previously animated arms stiffened and curled up and in on themselves. The damaged arm came out slightly warped by the previous damage. Two protrusions grew from each arm, their tips igniting with a dark purple flame. Her body (face?) rounded out and the cover on top all but disappeared, leaving only a small crown. A spike shot out beneath her to balance around. Finally her body filled with that dark purple fire and a long tongue of it erupted from the crown on her head.
She made her flames grow and fall, ‘flexing’ her new muscles.

“All right, enough showboating. Go flex on Dialga!” Jack implored, pointing at the god who hadn’t paused his assault against the Dark-types to watch the now Chandelure’s evolution. How rude.

She turned, her small mouth curled up in a gleeful grin. The light of Telekinesis swallowed her and Dialga, and with a massive ground shaking the Temporal Pokémon was slammed to the arena floor.

“Quickly now, use Inferno!” The other Pokémon on the field wisely cleared the area. The flame was purple-blue as it erupted from Lumi’s torches, much hotter than the red-orange of her under-evolved form. The fire washed over the struggling Dialga, leaving nasty looking burns along his steel-plating. He reared his head back in rage.

-. --- .--


In another spray of dirt Dory emerged from the ground, fist covered not in water, but a dangerous light. With an immobile target, the Poliwrath had no trouble connecting with Dynamic Punch. Explosions erupted where Dory struck, throwing the god’s head back again and again.

When his head came back down, his eyes were unfocused, angry. More of the same purple smoke from earlier began to issue from his mouth, a lot more. Realizing the scope of this attack, the Pokémon on the field began to scatter. The Zoroark made a beeline for his trainer, quickly picking her up and throwing her on his back before dashing off. A quick look at Aegis and Jack recalled the Blastoise to follow their lead.

Jack was much too big to ride on any of his Pokémon’s backs without slowing them down. So he sprinted after the Zoroark as well as he could. He was still far from cover when the attack launched. The beam split like water from a hose with a thumb over the opening. Where the beams hit grass withered, stone crumbled, even plastic seats broke down. Jack managed to leap into cover just as an explosion ripped behind him.

Jack tried to roll as he landed, but instead just collided with the ground with his arm painfully dragging underneath. He grunted as he stood and clasped his shoulder with his still good hand. Probably dislocated, brilliant. The other trainer and her Zoroark stood nearby in the shadow of the tunnel’s wall. Both were looking out on the field and Jack joined them.

The battlefield was a mess. Dirt and grass was strewn everywhere, and so were Pokémon. It didn’t look like any of the beams had hit them directly, but the explosions had sent many of them flying. The Sneasels were slowly helping each other to stand, and the Gothitelle just lay on the ground, barely moving. Lumi had been smashed into a wall, looking depleted. Small holes in her body let out guttering flames. The glow of Telekinesis had been shattered.

Portent was slowly getting to her feet, and even though she’d had Future Sight to guide her, she’d been caught heavily in an explosion. An attack that distorts time probably couldn’t be effectively predicted against. She managed to rise and the glow surrounding her faded. The Psychic attack slammed into the back of the immobile Pokémon’s head.

“Despite everything we’ve hit him with, he still doesn’t look the worse for wear. Just pissed off. What’s it going to take?” Jack turned to the other trainer and extended his hand.

“I’m Jack. I’m deaf, so please look directly at me if you need to say something to me.” She looked confused for a moment, a are we really doing this now? look on her face, before shaking his hand.

“Call me Fangs.”

At that moment the world seemed to fill with static. They both looked to the field and saw a freezing beam and a huge bolt of electricity slam into Dialga.

“Where did that come from?” They followed the path of the attacks to a point on the field. Just barely in view were two Pokémon and a trainer. A Porygon-Z and a Heliolisk stood on either side of a female trainer. Brown hair pulled back, she wore a red shirt and what looked like a lab coat tied around her waist.

Before they could call out to her, Dialga threw his head back in another roar and she vanished in the same static from before. Jack turned to the girl called Fangs.

“Was that one of the other trainers? I thought Dialga had made them disappear!” Remembering to look directly at him, Fangs responded.

“The sound he just made is the one he makes when he uses that beam attack. I think he’s put everyone in their own time bubbles, maybe? And he’s fighting them all too?”

That was possible, Jack admitted. With Dialga’s powers, who knew what he was capable of.

“Even if that’s true, we’ve still got to deal with him now. Looks like our Pokémon are mostly recovered, let’s go –“

The floor lurched suddenly, throwing the trainers to the ground. Fangs pointed and Jack could see the grass on the field disappearing. Well, in some places. A jagged iceberg erupted from the soil, freezing the area around it. Half the field became an enormous sand dune, while two platforms floated aimlessly over a deep but narrow pit. Dead center of the field emerged a climbing frame, covering the center of the field like a cage.

A hand tapped Jack on the shoulder, and he turned to see Fangs trying to speak to him.

“– must have damaged the battlefield controls with his last attack. Are you sure you want to go back out there?” Jack nodded as he saw past her to his Chandelure weakly floating away from the wall. Portent was back on her feet, and that he couldn’t see Dory was probably a good sign.

“Aegis can’t fight anymore, I won’t let him. But I won’t abandon them to fight alone. They’re fighting for me too.” With that he strode out to stand next to his gathering Pokémon. Ayessel floated down onto his shoulder, having been dislodged during the run for cover. Dialga still seemed to be frozen, or at least slow to recover from his larger effort. They’d take every moment of rest they could get.

Jack stood next to Portent and gave her what he hoped was a reassuring smile. He reached down and placed a gentle hand on her horn.

“Portent, let’s start with Future Sight.”

The Absol covered herself in the purple light. Jack saw her eyes widen and she shook her head violently before the light disappeared.

“Portent? What’s wrong?” She merely shook her head again, frightened. Dialga began to move on the far side of the field. By this point they’d maneuvered so they were aligned on the long sides of the field. Dialga narrowed his eyes at Jack, locking on to his next target.


-.. --- .-. -.-- / .-- .- - . .-. ..-. .- .-.. .-..

Dory, Waterfall

The Poliwrath once more burst from the ground, a current of water following his fist, but Dialga must have seen this coming. He craned his neck, moving just out of the way of the attack only to blast him with a close range Flash Cannon. Dory was hurtled away, bouncing across the field and painfully across the top of the climbing frame. By the time he reached Jack he was slow enough for the trainer to catch and stop his movement.

“Dory? Please tell me you’re okay.” A sigh escaped his lips as the Poliwrath slowly opened his eyes and raised another tired thumb. He helped Dory to his feet in time to see the flare of psychic energy surround Portent once again.

This time it didn’t vanish and she only turned a sad glance in his direction. She returned her gaze to the field before her where Dialga looked to be readying another attack. One of the Sneasels and the Zoroark had reentered the melee and a Flamethrower was to be their welcome. Portent threw her head back to let out a howl that snapped Dialga’s attention to her. The flames died in his mouth as she barked at him, moving forward.

When she reached the climbing frame she crawled inside and sat in the center facing Dialga. A sickly red-black aura surrounded the Disaster Pokémon and she began to sing.

Jack knew she was singing, there was only one move of hers that looked anything like this. This was different though. He’d never heard her song the few times she’d sung it, but he felt this resonate through his body. She’d changed it to something much more threatening. Is this what you saw, Portent?

Dialga’s eyes narrowed and the flames returned to his mouth.

Faster than Jack could direct her, Luminaire darted in the way of the attack, her own Inferno meeting the Flamethrower. The attacks ended, but it was clear the Chandelure was struggling. Flames still seeped from her wounds.

Dory moved stiffly to stand beside the Ghost-type, defiantly glaring at their enemy. A flash from the Pokéball at Jack’s side and Aegis was making his way to stand on the other side of Luminaire. Even Ayessel left Jack’s shoulder to perch atop the climbing frame. Together they stood between Dialga and his target.

Fangs drew Jack’s attention.

“What’s going on?”

“Perish Song. Portent has made it deadly. Every Pokémon that can hear it will die, or at least be severely weakened. Even Dialga can sense it, so he’s going to throw everything he’s got against her to end her song. We’re going to keep him from doing that.”


“I can’t let them stand alone. But you should recall your Pokémon and get out of here. I can’t guarantee it won’t work against you too. I don’t want to be the only living thing left standing when this is over.”

Jack turned without waiting for a response and strode to take his place in front of and below Luminaire.

I won’t let anything through.

Enraged, Dialga formed Ancient Power and sent several boulders hurtling at them. To his left Aegis stopped a boulder with Protect, to his right an Ice Punch from Dory. Luminaire slammed one to the ground with Psychic, but two still came at Jack. He held his ground, determined despite the fear filling his guts.

Before they could hit, one was blasted to the side by a psychic blast while the other crumbled by twin Night Slashes. Jack turned his head to find Fangs standing next to him, guiding her Pokémon. She shot him a challenging look, and he smiled in gratitude.

Together, they turned to stare down the face of time.
NOCT2 R5 With the Fanged Spirit vs Dialga
A hopeful smack down on the tormentor keeping the trainers prisoner turns into a desperate fight for their lives, Trainer and Pokemon alike. Can Jack and his ally manage to take down this godly foe?

For :iconnuzlocke-challenge:'s NOCT2 Finale.

Fangs and all her Pokemon belong to :iconplutonian-frostmonky:
Small cameo by Bijou Palomer with her Heliolisk and Porygon-Z, and they belong to :icondemonicsugarcube:


Jack was back in his empty vendor’s hallway, digging through his bag. His Pokémon were resting nearby, Portent and Dory recovering from their last battle. It had taken three hours, but three hours well spent to massage the lingering electricity from Portent’s muscles.

The Absol was relaxing now, but Jack had seen the sorrow in her eyes after she’d killed a second time. A second friendship she’d ended with her horn. The Night Slash had only meant to be a warning to push the Froslass back so she and Dory could focus on the Lopunny. However, the Icy-type had bravely stood her ground, determined to help her teammate. Such courage had cost her life.

Watching a Ghost-type die was haunting. There’s no blood, no corpse. They just sort of…fade away. This one faded from the wound outward, disappearing slowly from her chest up and down. That there was not even a body that could be buried had left Jack feeling hollow. Detached, he hardly noticed when his opponent attacked him.

Stunning the Pokémon on the field to stillness, Aki had leapt onto the airborne platforms herself. Her arms blazed, bandages burning to nothing as she hurtled across the battlefield. As she went to bridge the gap from the last platform to Jack, who was only now realizing the danger he was in, a blue glow enveloped her.

A matching glow surrounded a humanoid Pokémon at the far end of the field. Aki tried to flail in the Psychic’s grasp, but couldn’t move, save to scream at Jack. Though mostly wordless, Jack managed to read one sentence on her anguished lips.

“She was only a child!”

His head dropped to his chest. His apology ghosted past his lips, empty. He recalled his Pokémon, and for the first time, was the first combatant to leave. Jack left Aki suspended, probably still screaming in rage.


Shaking himself back to the present (though he wondered if that term meant anything in this frozen landscape), he finally pulled out his TM case. Used only a handful of times, it contained more moves than he’d ever known what to do with. On his journey he’d collected them from several different regions and they varied in their formats and durability. By the time he’d visited Unova they were only just coming out with reusable copies.

There was the disc he’d used to teach Luminaire Telekinesis. Waterfall sat near the back with other field moves, the first discs to retain use more than once. Dory had found that one for Jack, so it had seemed right to give him the move.  That was the only organization to be found though. The rest of the case was a mess, discs in any order regardless of number or the move’s type. But he eventually found the one he was looking for. Jack had found it in a thrift store, traveling in Johto. An earlier model that would break, he’d never used it, but now seemed like a good time.

“Dory, I want you to change your move set. If we’re going to keep doing this, I want you to be ready. Circle Throw is great for opponents similar in size to you, but some of these trainers have much larger Pokémon. Let’s trade it out for something harder hitting, huh?”

The Poliwrath got up and took the disc from Jack to read the move. TM02 DynamicPunch. Dory nodded and took the disc and the case to start learning it. Jack watched him go before turning to shove his things back in his backpack. As he shoved a pair of socks in, his hand hit something hard he hadn’t noticed before.

He withdrew a small velvet pouch tied with a drawstring. Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about purchasing this. While she could use the boost in strength, I’m not going to force it on her. He slid the pouch into his pocket. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t give us any advantage we can get. I’ll hold onto it for now.

Jack finished repacking before turning to feed his friends. No matter what came next, they’d have to be ready for anything.

Post R4 Extra
Jack's not sure how to continue with the consequences of the tournament.

Jack couldn’t help airing his grievance out loud for once.

“Of course we got this arena this round instead of the next one. You know, when Ayessel and Lumi would have been awesome at it. And we still can’t use Dig.” Dory and Portent game him a mildly offended look.

“Sorry, but you two aren’t the most agile when it comes to multi-level terrain. You know that. If this were a cliff face, I wouldn’t worry about you Portent. You’re nimble enough to jump from perch to perch without trouble. But these huge gaps…”

He trailed off as he surveyed the battlefield again. He had some ideas, but they’d only really work if his Pokémon stuck together. This arena and the challenges of a double battle were going to make that difficult. Movement at the far end drew his attention to his just arriving opponent.

I’ve got to stop showing up so early. They’re going to think I’m eager for this kind of fight.

Jack realized his opponent had been speaking to him. She was still speaking!

“Ah, crap. Dory, give me a hand please.” The Poliwrath stepped to Jack’s side and took hold of his arm. Using the Morse code they’d learned together, Dory tapped what he’d heard onto Jack’s wrist. Most of her words seemed to be an introduction (Dory had tapped her name as ‘Ackey,’ but Jack wasn’t sure that was right), but she was also complimenting him for winning all his matches?

Why would you compliment someone on these rounds of murder? Unless maybe she’s wary about fighting someone who hasn’t lost yet? And here I am talking to myself again while she waits for an answer. He nervously answered and Ayessel repeated in greater volume.

“We’ve gotten lucky. Good luck to you.”

As Jack realized how that might sound, he felt a spasm run through the Chatot on his shoulder. He turned his head to find Ayessel coughing into a wing.

“You okay? Using your voice so much last battle didn’t strain you, did it?” Ayessel waved him off, insisting he was fine. He pointed out instead that their opponent had let her Pokémon out and they’d already taken advantageous positions. A quiet oath under his breath and he started giving orders.

“Portent, I want you after that Froslass as soon as possible. Dory help her out with a boost. Then chase after the Lopunny.”

Dory moved first, leaping to the platform directly in front of them. He turned and laced his hands together to hurl the following Absol up two levels of platforms to where the Froslass was waiting. Portent charged at the Ghost-type with her horn aglow with darkness, only to be met by a slim arc of electricity.

Jack could see the yellow wave spark along the Absol’s fur, stopping the Disaster Pokémon in her tracks. She grit her teeth against the paralysis and the purple glow of Future Sight surrounded her body.

Better late than never, Portent. I probably screwed her up by telling her to immediately charge instead of summoning Future Sight to see her path.

Dory had closed with the Lopunny and they were trading blows. An Ice Punch left frost in the Lopunny’s fur. He would retaliate with rapid firing Drain Punch and pushing Dory back with Shadow Ball. Every time he got his space, tiny stars or sparks or something would shoot out of his fur. Dory’s next hit seemed to do less damage.

“Dory, he’s increased his defenses. Don’t stay too close! Use Circle Throw to toss him off the platform!” A spasm from Ayessel signaled another coughing fit. Dory looked back at Jack, a questioning look on his face. The Lopunny took the opening and pummeled Dory with a critically powerful Drain Punch. Dory was knocked over the edge of his platform, managing to grab the lip before falling.

Oh no! They can’t hear my orders! The wind from the fans is too loud and Ayessel isn’t up to his usual volume.

When the Lopunny drew close to deal another blow, Jack cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted as loud as he could.

“When the hit comes, grab and throw him down!”

Jack would have missed what happened next if he weren’t so focused on the small details at the time. Dory flashed a thumbs-up with his free hand, signaling he’d heard Jack. He then let go of the platform and used that hand to grab the oncoming Drain Punch. In an instant Dory had used the Lopunny’s momentum to drag it down and pull himself up. The surprised Lopunny crashed into the bottom of the tank where he was thrown, too stunned to recover in time.

Jack had watched the Rabbit Pokémon tumble all the way down. It took Ayessel’s wing for Jack to reorient on Dory climbing to the fourth platform layer to help Portent with her ghost problem. The Froslass was focused on the still paralyzed Absol and didn’t notice Dory climb quietly up behind her. Portent had managed to dodge most of the Shadow Balls sent her way, but several had hit the mark. Now her Future Sight aura finally faded and a blast of purple light erupted from a point above the Froslass. It was much slower than it should have been, however. The Snow Land Pokémon dodged the Psychic move, only to float within Dory’s range.

“Waterfall, Dory!” The Froslass spun around in surprise at the shout, far too late to block or dodge the attack. A torrent of water followed Dory’s uppercut, knocking the Ice-type back.

“Portent! Follow with Night Slash!”

The Dark-type move was devastating. The Froslass ran. Two opponents at once were too many. Dory was quick to follow her up to the highest level. Portent tried to pursue as well, but a jolt of electricity stopped her from jumping. She fell back to the platform, struggling.

The Lopunny made his return, leaping onto Portent’s platform. Instead of attacking her though, he smirked at her and made to follow the other two Pokémon. Jack saw Portent bark several times and the Lopunny’s ear twitched. She snarled again and Future Sight began again as her opponent turned to face her.

She’s goading him into fighting her so they can’t gang up on Dory! But it looks like he’s going to ignore her. Maybe with a little antagonizing from me…

The Lopunny had turned his back on Portent, but Jack’s voice whipped his head around as Portent continued her own tirade.

“Pretty sad if you think even a paralyzed, wounded Absol is too much for you to handle! You must find Caterpie intimidating! If an immobile opponent frightens you too much, shall I find her a blindfold?”

It was too much for the irritated Lopunny, he dashed at Portent. She was ready for him. Between Detects and the Future Sight still on her, she managed to dodge the first few hits. Then the paralysis struck again, and his next hit knocked her back to the edge of the platform. A Shadow Ball started forming in the rabbit’s hands.

Unconcerned about an ineffective assault, Jack checked in on Dory’s fight. The Froslass seemed to be intimidated by the confident Poliwrath, even though he could only use Waterfall. When Blizzard was less than useful at deterring him, she tried to run again, but found there wasn’t anywhere to go. Dory pursued relentlessly.

He seems to have that under control. What about Por –

Jack jumped back as the Absol’s body slammed into the ground before him.

“Portent!” He tried to go to her, but she stirred before he reached her. Jack looked up to see a smug face peering at them from two stories up. The Lopunny hopped down after his opponent, keen to finish what he’d started. Portent rose slowly to meet him.

Drain Punch began the exchange, dodged with Detect. Night Slash answered, and though it was slow, hit solidly. He jumped back, a paw to his wound. On the far side of the field, a light began to shine. A similar light seemed to gather around the Lopunny before them. But then the halo of Future Sight vanished from Portent’s form.

Just over Jack’s shoulder burst a purple radiance, slamming into the Lopunny’s continuously brightening form. He was violently shoved into the pit, his luminescence going with him.

Jack and Portent stepped to the edge of the pit. They could only see the Normal-type’s silhouette now. They watched it right itself midair and rebound from the floor of the basin. The light became blinding as the figure passed the first layer of platforms without landing to jump again. They were forced to cover their eyes or avert their heads from the light.

When it faded, the Lopunny (was it even a Lopunny anymore?) stood defiantly on a platform on their level. His ears were slimmer and longer, less fluffy. The fur on his legs and upper torso had blackened. Now he hopped from foot to foot, as if he had simply too much energy to stand still.

Did he just evolve? I didn’t know Lopunny had another evolution. And I thought he was trouble before. Jack glanced up and saw that Dory had ceased his battle to investigate the light as well.

“Dory, ignore the Froslass and get down here! I want you both to focus on him.” But the newly-evolved Pokémon was already leaping for Portent, a Drain Punch readied.

He’s even faster now!

She managed to Detect the attack and dodge back out to the platform. The Lopunny pivoted and gave Jack an obvious ‘What do you think of me now?’ look before jumping after her again.

Fortunately, his gloating meant that Dory had time to interrupt him. As he moved across the gap, a deluge of water with the Poliwrath at its center collided with him. Dory normally used it as an uppercut, but by drawing the water around him and leaping down at an opponent, he could truly emulate a Waterfall.

The pair of them smacked into a first layer platform and bouncing apart. Portent dropped down on the other side of the Lopunny as he rose. Jack’s Pokémon circled him cautiously, not sure what he might capable of.

Do we even stand a chance anymore?

A glow of color signaled another Future Sight, and the real battle commenced.
NOCT2 R4 Vs. Aki
Jack faces off against Aki and her Pokemon, Agi the Lopunny and Bufu the Froslass. They belong to :iconjaquan1:. Hopefully I got them right.
Jack has no idea Mega evolution is a thing, how will he combat this new threat?

For :iconnuzlocke-challenge:'s NOCT2.…


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