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Sylvia Finley (28, Female)
--Pacifidlog Town
Dark brown skin and a shaved head are the first things you notice about Sylvia. She hates swim caps and hair getting in her face while swimming, so she found a solution. Challenging sapphire eyes dare anyone to take up a competition against her. Sylvia wears cargo shorts and a blue tank top, both of which can be quickly shed if she wants or needs to go swimming. Prefers wearing nothing on her feet, but will borrow shoes from anyone nearby if they’re required. She’s embarrassed her fair share of people with her tendency to not have anything under the clothes when she strips. Otherwise has goggles and a wadded up swimsuit shoved in one of her pockets.
Sylvia grew up in Pacifidlog Town, and learned how to swim at an early age. She took to it eagerly and with apparent talent. Swimming in the sea around home has made her a very strong swimmer, and those muscles help every now and then out of the water. Severely competitive, Sylvia came to Galida to check out the other trainers. She had no intention of competing this year. Sylvia jumped aboard the bus just to watch matches and see how the arena worked.

Dylan (Swampert, Male)
--Ice Punch
Sylvia’s strongest and oldest friend first met her when he pulled her out of a whirlpool when he was just a Marshtomp. She’d gotten in over her head and was very glad for the timely rescue. Since then they’ve been strong friends. Dylan loves to swim just as much as Sylvia, but when it comes to battling he’s hard pressed to take it nearly as seriously as his trainer. Oh, he’ll still give it everything he’s got once he’s in a fight, but he’d prefer relaxing or talking things out. He likes to sunbathe whenever the sun is out.
NOCT 2 Side Contest - Sylvia and Dylan
My entry for the side contest of :iconnuzlocke-challenge:'s NOCT2. I fully expect to be knocked out in a round, but we'll see how it goes.
Jack threw up his arm to shield his eyes as another blast of sand swirled around him. The battle was already difficult enough to see without blocking his view with a limb.

What luck do I have that I’d have an opponent with Earth Power in the desert arena? And someone had to choose the Sandstorm weather for our battle! Ayessel was pressed as close to Jack’s head as possible to avoid most of the debris.

His opponent was a naïve-looking girl named Laura. She had fielded a Gothitelle and what looked to be the surliest, meanest looking Camerupt he’d ever seen. The Camerupt showed her strength immediately by using Earth Power on both of his Pokémon before they’d had the chance to acclimate to the horrid weather.

Before he could give a command, Portent was up and running. As usual, the Absol had a plan of her own, and that was fine. Jack knew she could take care of herself. He marked her destination as the Camerupt and returned his focus to Luminaire as she shook sand off.

“Lumi, spit a Hex at that Gothitelle!” A fast moving purple fog erupted from the Lampent and sped toward the Astral Body Pokémon. The move hit, but distance and swirling sand lessened its effectiveness.  The Gothitelle barely flinched as the move struck and prepared a Psyshock. The psychic energy ripped sand out of the air and hurled it violently at Luminaire.

Jack smiled as Lumi shrugged off most of the powerful attack. “Use Telekinesis! Same as always, pin ‘em and burn ‘em!” But as the fuchsia energy grew around Luminaire, the Gothitelle grew surrounded by the same color. Uh oh. He’d never seen two Telekinesis collide, but he had a feeling it wasn’t good.

He wasn’t sure what he expected, but this should have been one of the possibilities. Both Pokémon had tried to lift the other into the air to buffet them around and instead had pulled them toward each other. Both Pokémon looked startled as they crashed into each other and bounced roughly apart.

Wincing in sympathy, Jack used their recovery to check on Portent and her enemy. Besides the dirt from the hit she’d taken early she looked pristine. Her predictive battling kept her ahead of the Camerupt’s attacks. A purple sheen covered the Absol’s body, and he took it as a sign of Future Sight at work. Jack could see slight gashes on the Camerupt's sturdy body where Night Slash had struck, but they looked to be carved in clay or soft rock.

Strange, I’ve never seen something like that. It looks almost like build-up on its body, and…is it slowing down her movements? Oh! He knew Portent didn't need it, but Jack couldn’t help warning the Disaster Pokémon.

“Portent! She’s used Curse! Several times it seems, so keep your wits about you!” She didn’t need the help, as usual. She dodged the Take Down, much slower than it might have been. The purple shine disappeared and an equally purple beam of light burst from just above the Eruption Pokémon to slam down into it. Of course, that was likely exactly what Portent was planning. Lure it into using a physical move that placed it right in the path of Future Sight. I need to just trust her judgment more on these things. Shaking his head he returned his attention back to the other fight going on, only to see the two Pokémon smash into each other again.

“Lumi, I understand you love using Telekinesis, but it’s not going to work this time. Use Inferno!” The resulting blast was impressive looking, but without the grasp of Telekinesis it didn’t hit anything but sand. Jack could feel his shoulders tense as he looked on. Luminaire could use Hex, but without burning their opponent, it wouldn’t be enough.

Jack drooped and covered his face in his hands, taking a sharp breath. What if I lose her? She’s not doing well in this sand. She can barely see, much less hit with her strongest move. I don’t want her to die, what do I do? What if… His tear blurred eyes cleared as a none too gentle smack on the back of his head interrupted Jack’s panicked thoughts. He turned to see a rather pissed off Chatot staring at him, one wing directing him pointedly to the continuing battle.

With a shake and a nod of his head he turned back to the action. Lumi was going to need some extra work to win. Small wilting plants grew out of two spots behind her, and Jack could only guess they were the result of deflected Energy Balls. Ugh, I’m so dumb to get caught up like that. Focus, Jack!

He studied the battle between the two and noticed the result of an earlier attack. Lumi’s previous Inferno had melted a wide swath of sand into glass. A cruel thought entered Jack’s mind as he ordered the Lampent to fire another burst of super heat into the ground underneath her. This is brutal, but I’m not fighting for myself. I need to remember that.

“Lumi, use Psychic on the glass you’ve created! Send it all at that Gothitelle!”
NOCT2 R2 VS. Laura
Second round of the NOCT hosted by :iconnuzlocke-challenge:. Jack is up against the young hero in training, Laura Delune!
Now fully aware of his circumstances, Jack won't give her any quarter. How will desert combat fare for them both?

Laura and her Pokemon, Serenity the Gothitelle and Sullivan the Camerupt belong to :iconthe-moon-eevee:
Jack, Portent the Absol and Luminaire the Lampent belong to :iconlongshotlink:

Jack had always taken Portent's advice when it came to danger, following her exactly as she went to safety. Except once. There was a massive fire in a public building. Portent escaped her Poke Ball just before the blaze became noticeable and tried to drag him out. Jack had been paying attention too, though. He'd seen the flames licking at the bottom of a door and smelled the smoke in the air. Before his eyes several people were trapped as the beams from the floor above collapsed, having been eaten away by fire for several minutes. To the Absol's absolute shock, Jack ran the opposite direction she was trying to take him. Toward danger. She'd never seen him do something so reckless, with so little thought...with so little regard to her warnings.

When everyone was recovering later outside, medical personnel tending to the injured and smoke-inhalation victims, Jack sat worse for the wear but mostly unharmed. Portent strolled right up to her trainer intent on a scolding. How dare he ignore her! Of course, he could not hear her rant, but could clearly read her meaning. Her stance alone was enough to voice her displeasure with him.

Jack held up a hand to quiet her, and to even her own surprise, she settled back.

"Listen, Portent. I understand that you ultimately have my safety in mind. That when you come out of your Poke Ball on your own it means there is trouble. I get that. But if you think for a second that I'll turn and run from people I can help, you need to recalibrate your future senses. I will always help others if I am capable of it." He took a moment to fish in his coat, finally withdrawing his hand, her Poke Ball in hand.
"If that's not good enough for you...then smash this and walk away. I won't stop you. If you want to stay, and help me help others when we can, you can find me at the Pokemon Center. Take your time."

He placed the ball gently on the ground in front of Portent and turned to walk away. Shock and confusion warred within her as she stared at the device, her sort of home. The one thing connecting her to Jack. And she had no idea what to think.

Morning came, and Jack exited the Pokemon Center well rested and in much better condition than the previous night. Outside the building, Portent was sitting next to a bench with her back to the Center, watching the early morning sun. Unable to banish the dread, Jack sat next to her on the ground, forgoing the bench for the closeness he wanted. Portent glanced over at him and they met eyes briefly. They returned their gazes to the scene before him and it was a moment before he spoke.

"Have you made your decision?" Portent stood abruptly and moved to look him in the eye, no easy task, as even sitting he was taller than her standing. For a moment, nothing, and then she opened her mouth, and the miniaturized Poke Ball dropped to the ground in front of him. He picked it up, expanding it and held it out to her once more. Without hesitation this time, she poked her nose at the button, returning herself to the device. To her home. Jack smiled and wiped a tear from his eye.

I was sure you were going to leave me. Welcome back, Portent.
Jack and Portent thing
Just an idea I had to remove from my brain before it left on its own, never to return. Jack and Portent come from my NOCT application.
Jack sat in an empty vendor hallway. His Pokémon, save Ayessel who was sitting on the booth above him, were in their Pokéballs. He tapped them lightly as he thought. He was now well aware of their role in this. Jack had hugged Ayessel fiercely and thanked him for looking out for them all, even when Jack was too stubborn to pay attention.

He pondered for a long time, moving only when his muscles complained, and ignored any flashes of color that escaped the stadium. He could barely wrap his mind around that Dory had killed another trainer’s Pokémon, much less think about others were knowingly doing it nearby. But he couldn’t really blame the Tadpole Pokémon. Dory had done what was needed even as Jack was ignorant to their plight.

With a quiet huff, Jack picked up the things he’d scattered around him and went looking for Dialga, Ayessel alighting on his shoulder once more. He found the legendary Pokémon standing stoically in the stadium’s entrance hall. Jack approached with confidence, hoping to just get this over with. He then realized he wasn’t sure how to address the being.

“Excuse me, Mr. Dialga…uh, sir.” Dialga craned his head down to look at Jack.

Bandage quick, Jack thought.

“Sir, I’m deaf.” He saw the Pokémon’s eyes narrow, and then widen as realization hit. Jack nodded morosely. “I didn’t know the full details of the tournament. I do now. Anyway, I don’t blame you for your decision. I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to fight for my friends. I don’t hold much worth in my own life, but I’ll fight for theirs.”

Dialga blinked slowly, considering, before noticing the notebook under Jack’s arm. He bobbed his head toward it, and thank goodness for Ayessel, because Jack had no idea what Dialga meant. The Chatot crawled down Jack’s arm and pulled at the notebook until Jack pulled it out and opened it.

Words appeared on the page, and Jack could see that the paper was being aged to form the letters.

“I apologize for not realizing there were those not fully aware of the stakes here. I should have had Celebi translate my intent into everyone’s minds, just to be sure. I do wish there were another option than this senseless loss of life.”

There was not much else to be said, and frankly, Jack was in awe of the Temporal Pokémon’s abilities. Jack thanked him and excused himself to properly inform his team of the risks they all now faced.
NOCT2 Extra -A Talk With Dialga
Jack converses with their reluctant host, and expresses his gratitude about the chance at survival.

Jack’s feeling that something was off grew as the battle went on. His opponent across the field looked increasingly anxious, his face following the action. Even the Pokémon looked more tense than usual. They seemed more…desperate, in their movements, their attacks. Jack had chalked it up to fighting on an ice field, but there was more to it than that.

What is going on? I’ve never been in a fight that felt like this before. He glanced at Ayessel, and not for the first time wondered if the Chatot was actually relaying his commands. Ayessel sometimes did things on his own if he thought he knew better than Jack. Jack had to admit, sometimes he did.

Movement drew his attention back to the field as Aegis used a Rapid Spin to knock the Luxray onto its back. The Blastoise was quick to pin the Gleam Eyes Pokémon down with his much greater weight. Just beyond them Jack’s Poliwrath, Dory, held the opponent’s struggling Solosis against a large iceberg. As Dory lifted a fist covered in frost and Aegis aimed his cannons, Jack realized what was about to happen.

His first “No…” came so quietly Ayessel had to cock his head to hear it, but the next cries grew in volume until his last word was a scream, the loudest he’d spoken in years.

“No! Stop…STOP!” Jack threw himself forward, dislodging Ayessel from his shoulder perch as he leapt onto the ice. He sprinted forward as fast as he could, using the same grooves in the ice Dory had used. Aegis had turned at his shout, his cannons returning to rest. Jack’s eyes locked onto Dory, who hadn’t even looked in his direction, as the fist fell.

Jack slipped as his foot missed a groove and he tumbled toward the terrible conclusion. Ice covered and filled the Solosis as the punch landed, causing it to shatter as the punch was driven through it to the berg underneath. A halo of ice shards erupted from the impact site and showered down on Jack as he slid to Dory’s feet.

Dory’s glare at his trainer was defiant and sorrowful, unrepentant but begging for forgiveness. Jack wordlessly pushed by the Tadpole Pokémon, and approached his opponent. The pain of what his Pokémon had done convulsed within him and he fell to his knees just short of the trainer.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” he sobbed. Nicomedo looked down at him sadly and recalled his Luxray from the field.

“It had to happen to one of us. Let’s drop it. See you ‘round…” Jack lost the final words as the trainer turned his head, hiding his lips from view.

“Wait, come back! I need to see your face to hear you! What do you mean ‘it had to happen?’” The boy turned back with a distrustful look.

“I don’t appreciate you making this even more difficult. Why are you trying to hurt me more? You know these fights are to the death just as I do, just like Dialga said. You won, just let me go.”

Jack’s eyes widened and he mouthed the words to the death. Out loud he said, “I didn’t know…”

Nicomedo spread his arms furiously. “How could you not know? You were there when he told us what was going to happen! What are you, deaf?”

Jack’s mouth opened and closed before he merely nodded. Nicomedo’s face fell.


“I asked another trainer to explain what was going on directly to my face so I could see his words. But…this is not what he told me.”

Nicomedo crouched and placed a hand on Jack’s shoulder.

“I need to say this quickly because I have to deal with this myself too.” He sighed. “Dialga has to put us back on the bus as it's crashing, but can rearrange us. The better you do in these death battles, the better your position on the bus and the more likely you’ll survive. And…that’s it. Good luck.”

He turned and left without another word as Jack tried to collect himself and his suddenly tragic reality.


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Woo! Writing down all my notes for how I want things to pan out for my character in the first few rounds of :iconnuzlocke-challenge:'s NOCT tournament is brutal. Writing down the possibility of characters dying is rough on the emotions. Both Jack and I are going to be a mess when this is over.
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