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Jack cursed quietly to himself as he let his Pokémon out onto the slippery battlefield. All the Pokémon competing looked apprehensive of the ice, except for the opponent’s Solosis, who floated a few feet above the ground. The Luxray quickly found its footing, using its claws to get a better grip.

Jack felt Ayessel flutter on his shoulder and saw Aegis and Dory look back at the bird before sharing a look between themselves. Must’ve been a ‘good luck.’ Jack thought something was a little off, but brushed it off as nerves over the difficult terrain.

His opponent, he’d learned was named Nicomedo, waved at him from across the arena. Jack waved politely back and watched intently for the match to start. Stuck in the time bubble, there was no official referees, but another of the trainers on the bus sat to one side of the field ready to signal the beginning of the match.

How am I going to do this? Dory can’t use his Dig, and he’s not the best on land as it is, much less this ice. Ugh, not to mention my opponents are psychic and electric types. What about Aegis, maybe… His strategizing was brought to an end as Ayessel whapped him with a wing and points at the dropped flag. The match had started!

The Luxray seemed to be building an electrical current through its fur, and the Solosis moved slowly forward. An idea popped into Jack’s head. He spoke his command and Ayessel dutifully repeated it.

“Aegis, use Rapid Spin on your side! Carve grooves into the ice!” The shelled Pokémon complied, retreating into his shell and spinning on the ice to move back and forth across the field. The Solosis paused for a moment, unsure of its opponent’s tactics, but resumed its push forward.

“Dory, use the grooves as footing! Press forward and go after that Luxray!” The Luxray had since discharged its built up energy into the ground by flowing the energy through its legs. Sparks danced along the ice. It leapt to meet the Poliwrath’s challenge, its speed diminished by the ice despite its claws.

Aegis took advantage of his built up speed and collided with the Solosis, knocking it back several yards. He emerged from his shell and took aim with his water cannons. A Hydro Pump rocketed out and hit the mark dead on, only to slide off with less damage than planned thanks to Solosis’s slick surface. In that space of time, however, the Cell Pokémon had reached him. It seemed to go intangible and slipped inside of Aegis using Pain Split.

The Blastoise suddenly felt his weight increase and pressure build within him. The Solosis was using Iron Defense inside him! Aegis chuckled to himself and spoke as Pokémon do, “You really think a little pressure is going to take me down? I thrive on pressure!” Aegis built the pressure higher and higher before blasting out another Hydro Pump, flinging the smaller Pokémon against a small pile of ice chunks. Aegis rolled back into his shell and moved to continue his assault.

Dory had his hands full trying to dodge the attacks of the Luxray that was his opponent. It seemed the Gleam Eyes Pokémon only had Ice Fang for a close range attack. While Dory was loath to getting hit, it seemed the best approach. When Luxray came in for its next bite, Dory stood still and took the hit on his left shoulder. In that moment he struck with a powerful Ice Punch to Luxray’s ribs. While the move certainly hurt, the Luxray’s thicker hair diminished the freezing cold. The effectiveness of Ice Fang was dampened by the poor type match up.

Both Pokémon drew back and circled each other warily. Dory stopped at one of the many grooves carved into the ice and used it to push off, launching himself at the big cat. Luxray leapt to counter attack. But Dory had gone low, not high. He slid into another groove to a halt just beneath the jumping cat and uppercut with a powerful Waterfall. The Poliwrath quickly accented this by grabbing Luxray’s tail and performed Circle Throw. Luxray was viciously hurled into a corner iceberg, eliciting a yowl of pain.

“Hey! Keep it together, Dory! You look like you’re really trying to hurt it.” Dory spared a momentary glance for his oblivious trainer. He was near Jack’s end of the court. While he had been following Jack’s orders as Ayessel repeated them, he’d made his own decisions. Circle Throw had been one of them. Jack still thought this was a simple competition; Dory wasn’t surprised when Ayessel didn’t repeat those words.

Dory had heard the words himself, but he could feel it. These other Pokémon, they were trying to kill him and Aegis. They knew the truth.

“Watch out!” shouted Ayessel and Jack in unison. Not quite fast enough, Dory was struck by the Signal Beam and crashed through several piles of ice. He skidded to a halt half way across the battlefield, moaning in pain. There was no doubt. That Signal Beam had been full power, not a pulled punch like in most competitions. Normal battles were closer to sparring matches with an audience.

He got wearily to his feet and saw the Luxray across the field bristling at him. A glance to his left showed him Aegis trying to Skull Bash a Solosis that escaped the path of the attack with a last second Substitute. Dory hated this kind of fighting, but Ayessel’s words came back to him. Before the match had started, the Music Note Pokémon had informed them both of the true nature of the tournament.

“This is a fight to the death. Show no mercy, as you will be given no quarter yourselves. Your lives depend on it.” Dory sighed and with renewed vigor, he strode back into battle. I won’t let you down Jack, as he closed the distance.
NOCT 2 R1 vs Nicomedo
Fierce battle against :iconjdrawer01:'s Nicomedo. Guh, this is gut wrenching to write. How to encapsulate a battle in only 1000 words? A double battle no less. Good luck to us both.

Let me know what you think. This is my first time writing for something like this.
For :iconnuzlocke-challenge:'s Nuzlocke Original Character Tournament
Woo! Writing down all my notes for how I want things to pan out for my character in the first few rounds of :iconnuzlocke-challenge:'s NOCT tournament is brutal. Writing down the possibility of characters dying is rough on the emotions. Both Jack and I are going to be a mess when this is over.
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Mind Palace Sketch by LongshotLink
Mind Palace Sketch
This is apparently my mind palace. Not sure what I did to become a warden of exceeding powerful creatures that could kill me in an instant if I got within sight of them, but it seems to be the case. I still have not explored below this top level, afraid of what I could find beneath.
Jack silently watches as people disperse from the meeting with the legendary Pokémon. Several storm off alone clearly upset. Others leave softly, sometimes in groups, crying or with worried looks on their faces. Understandable, really. After such a near death experience, Jack was feeling rather anxious himself.

He sat against a nearby wall and tried to digest what a close call it had been, Ayessel fluttering on his shoulder to keep his balance. One moment they were on the bus to a tournament Jack had found a flyer for a few months back, and the next they were plummeting to the ocean below the road. He had rather been enjoying the scenery, in silence as usual, so the lurch of the bus was the most gut-wrenching. Without sound the drop was morbidly fascinating. He was sure there was air whipping past the many open windows, and people were screaming and flailing, but he heard none of it as the water rushed up at them.

Now they were here at the stadium, safe. Jack thumped his head lightly on the wall behind him and heaved a heavy sigh. He’d never been that close to death before. Sure there had been scrapes, but his Pokémon had always gotten him out safely. Portent was especially good at that. But now he had no idea what was going to happen next. He didn’t see anyone milling around that wasn’t on the bus with him. No staff, no other competitors, not even a janitor.

Hmm, time to get some information.

He turned to his ever present backpack and pulled out a notebook and a pen. After finishing his message, he stood to find someone to question.

In a hall outside of the stadium seats a young man a few years younger than Jack stood leaning against a pillar. He had his back turned to Jack, and couldn’t tell he was mumbling to himself angrily. He was wearing what appeared to be a red suit with black trim and gold colored boots. Jack could never understand the fashions going around, and it looked like this would not be any different.

Jack tapped the boy on the shoulder and smiled politely as he held his notebook forward. The boy had dark red hair framing his face and the goggles (or were they glasses?) he wore. His eyebrows pointed down in a scowl as he looked at the page.

Hello, my name is Jack. I’m deaf, so while I could figure out that we were saved by Dialga, I don’t know what’s going on now. Normally I can read lips if I’m looking right at someone’s face, but…Pokémon don’t really have lips to read. Can you help me out?

The young man’s glare shifted to a warmer grin and he nodded. He locked eyes with Jack and spoke. “So, if I look at you like this, you can read my lips?”

“Yes. Thank you for your help.” Jack’s voice was soft, but was clearly audible.

“Not a problem at all. See, since Dialga saved us from Celebi’s screw up, he’d like to see a little tournament of his own. So we’re in this time bubble he’s got us in. We can be here for a few days and he’ll zap us back to the beginning of the real tournament when we’re done.”

Ayessel gripped Jack’s shoulder tightly at this. Jack knew the Chatot didn’t like to fight, but this was a little unusual. Speaking of unusual…

“I wouldn’t think a Legendary Pokémon would bother being interesting in battles by trainers. Doesn’t’ he have other things to do?” The boy shrugged.

“Who can tell what they’re thinking? Must be a quirk of his.”

“Hmm, okay. So it’s just a regular tournament?”

“Right, but it is a doubles tournament. Each battle is a double battle. Other than that, it’s just like any other tournament.”

Ayessel suddenly started flapping wildly, and the boy jumped back in surprise. Jack couldn’t hear him, but the younger boy could. The Chatot was screaming insults.

“Wrong! False! Incorrect! Liar, liar, liar, LIAR!” If Jack hadn’t held the bird back, he would have flown at the redhead.

“Hey! Calm down, Ayessel!” He cried as he tried to shove the Pokémon back on his shoulder. “I know what this is about. This is you trying to keep people from talking to me again, isn’t it? Always trying to keep me to yourself! If you don’t start behaving, I will put you in your Pokéball until I need you again.”

The Pokémon settled down, but his glare didn’t lessen at all. The other boy still looked nervous, so Jack apologized profusely. The boy pulled at his collar as if to loosen it.

“Is that your bodyguard bird or something? Seems rather vicious.”

“Oh, no! Ayessel is usually my voice because I’m so soft spoken, and he usually points out things I need to pay attention to. This is quite uncommon for him to misbehave this badly.” Jack said with a pointed look at the Chatot. “I’m very sorry he did that.”

The boy waved it off and pointed his thumb over his shoulder. “I should get going. Hope to see you in the tournament.”

Jack smiled and then realized, “I don’t know your name!”

The boy smiled and mouthed something at him that Jack couldn’t quite read. “Did, did you say Jack? Are you a Jack, too? That’s so weird!” The boy shook his head and reached for Jack’s notebook. He wrote one word and handed it back before walking away with a wave over his shoulder.


“Thank you!” He called out as the boy went around a corner. Jack’s face flushed slightly as he turned to go, rather looking forward to the tournament. Especially if I’ll get to see him again.

Jack failed to notice the glare on Ayessel’s face had not gone away. The Music Note Pokémon vowed he’d not let his friends go into battle unprepared.
NOCT 2 R0 - Reaction
Jack's turn to learn what this tournament is all about, or so he thinks.

Jekyll Quetzal borrowed with permission from :iconpurin-it-knightly:
Thanks for the "help," Jekyll!
Characters for :iconnuzlocke-challenge:'s tourney.
Jack O’Daniel (22, Male)
From Canalave City
Deaf from birth, Jack never really had friends. Not until he met his first Pokémon anyway. Chatot spent long hours with Jack in the Canalave Library, researching legends and myths as well as language. Ayessel was his first friend, learning sign language and morse code together with him. Jack is rather skilled at reading lips at short distances (luckily for his opponents a battlefield is too far). He’s learning semaphore, though mostly just to learn it. There aren’t many uses for it in the modern day. Ayessel has taken to it though, using his wings as flags.
Jack grew up big, nearly six feet tall by fifteen and 6’4 when he stopped growing. He has long, shaggy brown hair that he always keeps out of his eyes. Jack doesn’t mind if it falls over his ears; doesn’t use them anyway. He carries big over the ear headphones for when he wants to be left alone. Most people don’t bother someone they have to work to get their attention. His blue eyes are quick to notice things out of his peripheral vision. Ayessel rides on his shoulder for things he’s not looking for, such as people talking to him. He speaks so quietly anyway that it’s hard to keep a conversation up with him as it is.
He carries a sturdy backpack holding all of his things. He generally sticks to jeans and a dark green t-shirt, but has a long, maroon coat to throw on in rainy or cold weather. Jack hates hats, blocking his vision, so for protection against sunburn he often has a bandana slung around the back of his neck.

Aegis (Blastoise, Male)
--Rapid Spin
--Skull Bash
--Hydro Pump
Aegis is surprisingly agile for his bulk, using his moveset more for movement than attack. Continuously using Rapid Spin to move himself around a battlefield, Aegis’s shell has received numerous small cracks that have healed and been made stronger. No forward attack can penetrate his Protect.

Dory (Poliwrath, Male)
--Ice Punch
--Circle Throw
Has worked with Jack to deliver dangerous combos using Dig. Can understand Morse Code which he can hear underground from Jack’s feet. This allows him to change attacks on the fly. Works best with Aegis during Double Battles, reflecting their names of Shield and Spear.

Portent (Absol, Female)
--Night Slash
--Future Sight
--Perish Song
Portent has little patience for fools. Before joining Jack’s team she spent a lot of time trying to save people from walking into dangerous situations they put themselves in. When they wouldn’t listen she moved to only trying once before walking away to leave them to their own mistakes. This was never an issue with Jack, who paid attention whenever Portent would try to guide him. They’ve escaped many scrapes this way.
Portent likes to use Future Sight, and pushing her opponents right in the way of it. Her ability with it has gotten strong enough she can see all of her own moves up until the psychic attack hits. She saves her most dangerous ability until she has no more options, preferring a draw than losing.

Luminaire (Lampent, Female)
Luminaire, Lumi for short, joined Jack in the hopes of traveling the world, being tired of her old haunts. Has a bit of a naughty side, startling people by lifting them with Telekinesis and getting them stuck in trees. If Jack notices (or Ayessel lets him know), he’ll get her to bring them back down, but she’s usually snickering the entire time.

Ayessel (Chatot, Male)
--Double Team
Ayessel is essentially Jack’s seeing-eye Pokémon, except you know, for his deafness. He sits on Jack’s shoulder and keeps an out for things Jack should be paying attention to that he can’t hear. Often gets his trainer’s attention by cuffing him lightly with a wing and then pointing the situation out. This sometimes can be detrimental to Jack’s social life. Ayessel is rather possessive, and if he doesn’t like someone he may not let Jack know someone is trying to talk to him. This is a source of argument between them.
Ayessel has the sharpest hearing on the team, and since Jack is often too soft-spoken for his Pokémon to hear during battle, the Chatot repeats his orders with his loud voice from upon his shoulder perch. Ayessel can even relay moves to a partner Pokemon while in the midst of battle. This particular strategy can make it hard to predict their movements.
NOCT 2 App Lit
My entry for the Literature portion of the :iconnuzlocke-challenge: NOCT2 contest. We're probably all going to die.


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Woo! Writing down all my notes for how I want things to pan out for my character in the first few rounds of :iconnuzlocke-challenge:'s NOCT tournament is brutal. Writing down the possibility of characters dying is rough on the emotions. Both Jack and I are going to be a mess when this is over.
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